Thursday, November 21, 2019

Open with Care by Genie Davis and Pauline Baird Jones



Unexpected guests come bearing gifts. This interstellar Christmas will be one for the ages…
Gini won't let her bickering family or the incoming blizzard dampen her holiday spirits. But nothing could prepare her for the uninvited houseguests. She's not sure if she's ready to exchange gifts with the man who broke her heart or the little green aliens on the roof.

But the intergalactic visitors have a gift for Gini… a taste of the youth and love she left behind…

Jane MacKenzie has never opened a Christmas gift that transformed her world. At least, not until she accidentally opens a box to find a man who was lost in a blizzard over 100 years ago. Jane isn't sure how to handle the strange visitor and his otherworldly agreement…

But the Christmastime encounter may just open her heart to a love that can stand the test of time.
Open With Care contains two sci-fi romances inspired by the spirit of gift giving. If you like simmering chemistry, snowy Wyoming settings, and family drama, then you'll love Genie Davis and Pauline Baird Jones' festive story set.

Buy Open With Care today to discover why love isn't alien on Christmas!

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Sam's Story: Book Three (Skylar Trilogy) by Amy D. Crusan-Kramer Excerpt



In this captivating saga, Samantha Skylar experiences undying passion and endures one horrific act of brutality that sweeps her into the arms of the second most powerful man in the country. Samantha’s journey takes her from the poverty and close-minded attitudes of a tiny, coal-mining town in West Virginia, to the estate of one of Atlanta’s oldest and wealthiest families. This epic trilogy follows Samantha from the age of 14 to 40.

Book Three opens with Sam struggling to adjust to a new life in a new city. She is grieving the loss of her friends, while tentatively exploring a new relationship with the Vice President of the United States. Not quite a year into this new life, Sam finds herself back in Atlanta, once again trying to heal. Complications arise as she works to repair relationships with the people she loves most.

After her successful reentry into her life in Atlanta, Sam discovers a love stronger than any romantic love she'd ever experienced: the love of a mother for her child. But after one more devastating loss, she ponders the wisdom of ever letting herself love or be loved again.


Washington, DC
Friday, February 12, 1993

You seem like you’re a million miles away this evening, Sam.” Nancy’s familiar comforting voice penetrated my thoughts.
I’d been staring blindly out the window of her tiny office at the women’s shelter. “God, it looks like it’s going to snow again,” I groaned. She was quiet; she was amazing at being quiet, and never seemed to feel uncomfortable. I’d always felt as though I should fill the silences. Nancy was the only person I was comfortable with in silence … well, not the only person, but I didn’t want to think about that other person. I looked over at her desk; it faced the wall to make more room in the tiny office. I sought out the pictures that always calmed me during my therapy sessions. There were two: one of her and her four children. They all looked so happy, and why wouldn’t they be with a mom like her? The other picture was of Nancy and her cocker spaniel, Baxter. He was brown and white with freckles across his nose. “How’s Baxter?”
She smiled at me. “He’s fine. He’s getting old and a little hard of hearing, but he’s fine.” I nodded. “How are you?”
I looked at her and felt my eyes well with tears. “Sad … and terrified all the time.” She nodded. “It’s been over three months,” I spat in exasperation.
She nodded again. “You’re grieving … it’s a process.”
Grieving? Oh, for Bastian?” There was that ‘other person.’
Well, yes, for Bastian. But you lost more than Bastian. Joe took things from you…” I shook my head. I didn’t want to talk about Joe. “Why are you shaking your head, Sam?”
I can’t talk about that,” I whispered. My hand went to my chest that felt as though it were constricting. I couldn’t breathe.
Take some deep breaths. You’re fine.” I did as she instructed. “How’s work?” I could have kissed her for changing the subject.
I relaxed and smiled. “I like it. There’s security everywhere…”
She laughed quietly. “Yes, it is the White House.” I smiled and nodded.
I’m busy from the moment I arrive until I leave, sometimes I work a twelve or fourteen-hour day. I like it … it keeps me from thinking.” I idly picked at some cat hair on my pants. “I usually go in on the weekends. But…” I sighed miserably. “Daniel’s going out of town this weekend for his mother-in-law’s birthday, so I have the entire weekend to myself. No Daniel, no Chris…” My voice trailed off and I went back to looking out the window.
Well, back to grieving … it happens in stages. Everyone does it their own way and in their own time. You lost a part of yourself, emotionally and physically, when Joe raped you.”
I hate that word.”
Mm-hmm, it’s an ugly word for an ugly act. But that’s what he did to you. How long was he there that night, Sam?”
I shook my head. “I-I don’t know … ten, eleven hours?”
Okay, let’s say it was ten hours. It was ten hours, Sam. Don’t let those ten hours and that horrible person dictate the rest of your life.”
I don’t know how not to,” I answered honestly.
I know. That’s why you’re here … so we can come up with ways for you to move on from it.” We were quiet again. I looked down at my hands in my lap, twisting Phil’s ring around on my left ring finger.
Don’t you usually wear that on your thumb?” I looked down and smiled as I touched the plain gold band. “It’s the ring Phil gave you, right?”
Mm-hmm. I finally took it in and got it resized. It feels good to have it back where it belongs.”
Why does it ‘belong’ there, Sam?” I looked up at her, confused. Where else would I wear it? “Well, what I mean is … you have an engagement ring from Bastian, too, right?” I nodded, not liking the direction this conversation was taking. She shrugged and asked, “Well, why wouldn’t you wear that one? Why doesn’t that one ‘belong’ on your ring finger? What was wrong with wearing Phil’s ring on your thumb like you had been doing?”
I sighed. “Well … there’s a security officer at work. He’s very nice … he always makes an effort to chat a little in the morning when I check in.”
Nancy smiled at me and nodded. “You can never have too many friends, Sam.”
I s’pose. Last Friday I worked pretty late. He walked me out to my car … and then…” I could feel my heart pounding, just like it did last Friday. I stood up and walked over to the window, staring out as the first few flakes began falling. “Then he asked me to go out to dinner with him … maybe a movie.”
What did you say?”
I turned and looked at her incredulously. “No, of course!” We were both quiet. I turned slowly and walked back to my chair. I sat and picked at a hangnail on my thumb until it bled. “Well, I didn’t exactly say no. I, uh, well… I pretended that I hadn’t heard him. I thanked him for getting me safely to my car, got in and drove home. The next day, I took the ring in and got it resized. He’s off on Mondays. I picked the ring up Monday night and when I signed in on Tuesday, I made a point of moving my left hand around a lot so he would see it.” I was suddenly horribly embarrassed. I looked up at Nancy and relaxed. She never looked or acted shocked by anything I told her … I loved that about her. “Hmm, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but telling the story now … it seems kind of silly.”
She smiled at me. “Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just be honest with him? Wouldn’t you like to be able to thank him for the invitation, but tell him that you’re just not interested in dating right now?” I looked down and nodded. “That’s what I meant earlier, Sam. That Joe has taken a part of you emotionally. He took that independent woman who didn’t need a ruse to avoid people. Our job is to get her back.”

Monday, November 18, 2019

December and the Single Heart by Vi Zetterwall

$2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


The 12th and final installment of the Single Heart Series -

AJ, a rehab nurse, finds a true love and loses him on the same day. She goes to great lengths to find him again in the concluding novel of Vi Zetterwall’s feel-good Single Heart Series. December ties up all the loose ends and solves the mystery of the Coin of Luck in Life and Love. If you have not already read all or some of the Single Heart series books, this one will be a spoiler and take away the suspense of the others. Reading the entire series in order will make 'December' a more satisfying read.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

It Happened One Christmas by Kathy Carmichael

$3.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


Billionaire CEO Nat Danvers has good looks, money, power, prestige—everything—except the one thing he really needs. But only in the loneliest corners of his frozen heart is he aware something is missing. Christmas Eve arrives to find Nat alone in his penthouse office, filling out layoff notices while his employees unknowingly celebrate at the office holiday party. In breezes the most incredibly beautiful woman he's ever seen. Daphne, part angel, part human, has been sent by the Angelic Council to teach Nat some tough lessons in the hope his hardened heart will melt. She has only one night in which to help him. With the clock ticking before he must go, can love find a way to touch them both? This is the new sweet & clean version of Angel Be Good.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Murphy's Charm by Linda Wisdom



Years before, she'd left him to follow her passion: the dance. Charlotte "Charlie" Wells thought she'd kissed James Murphy goodbye until a knee injury forced her to take a stopgap job as activities director of New Eden. Charlie was shocked to discover that the manager of the community was James. The electricity--and the anger--were still there. He swore he'd teach the slate-eyed beauty a lesson in love before she left him again. She was swept away by his addictive embraces, his seductive charm. Now Charlie knew he was the man she loved, but how could she prove she was the woman he could trust, that this time she'd stay--for a lifetime?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Sam's Story: Book Two (Skylar Trilogy) by Amy D. Crusan-Kramer Excerpt



In this captivating saga, Samantha Skylar experiences undying passion and endures one horrific act of brutality that sweeps her into the arms of the second most powerful man in the country. Samantha’s journey takes her from the poverty and close-minded attitudes of a tiny, coal-mining town in West Virginia, to the estate of one of Atlanta’s oldest and wealthiest families. This epic trilogy follows Samantha from the age of 14 to 40.

Book Two opens in 1987, eight years after the events of Book One. Sam is living the life she had only dreamed of as a young girl in poverty-stricken West Virginia. She has a best friend, her own apartment and a good job. Sam fancies herself the epitome of the modern independent woman. Due to the debilitating losses Sam suffered as a young girl, she is understandably hesitant to make herself vulnerable to another person, and struggles with emotional intimacy. When she finally allows herself to love again, she suffers a heartbreak that takes years to heal.

1992 is a pivotal year for Sam. She spends two months on the campaign trail as the personal assistant to the Democratic candidate for the Vice Presidency of the United States. During her time away from Georgia, Sam realizes what, and who, is important in her life and she is confident of the direction the rest of her life will take. But the fates can be cruel … and a visitor from her past changes everything.


I was at my desk at 7:15 Monday morning and couldn’t sit still. I’d straightened up the outer office … several times. Finally at 8:05, Bastian came in. I looked up at him … and did a double take. It looked like he may have done some shopping too. He looked so handsome. He was wearing a dark charcoal grey suit that I’d never seen before. I smiled and blushed … his tie was pink, matching the color of my camisole perfectly. His eyes were taking in my new outfit. He chuckled, “Well, I see you got the memo about grey and pink today.”
“You look handsome, Sebastian.”
“And you, pretty girl, are beautiful.”
“Thank you,” I whispered, blushing like a twelve-year-old.
I heard Chelsea before I saw her. “Hey, how come we didn’t see you this weekend… oh my, look at the two of you! Get up, missy, let’s see the new duds!” I stood and walked out from behind my desk. “Turn around…” Bastian rolled his eyes at Jake and went into his office. “I approve.”
“Well, that’s a relief,” I laughed and returned to my seat.
“Don’t even think of telling me you got that at a thrift store! Which means that you did the unthinkable: you went shopping, at a regular store by the way, without me! What’s wrong with you?”
Jake walked by and whispered, “Thank you.” I giggled. Chelsea did love to shop!
“I don’t know … it was a spur of the moment thing. I just ran up to the mall after I left the animals on Saturday.” I walked over to her desk and looked to make sure both Jake and Bastian were in their offices and whispered, “Does the cami make me look slutty? I’m going for professional.”
Chelsea laughed out loud. “You know what Sam? I would like to see you, just once, looking slutty! No, you look very senatorial!” I walked back to my desk, satisfied. “So, really, what’d you do this weekend? Didn’t you get the message I left on your phone? We wanted you to go to a movie with us yesterday.”
“I got your message. I’m so keyed up about this lunch … look at me, my palms are all sweaty. I’ll bet that’ll impress the heck out of him. I’m going to have to shake his hand, right?”
“Good Christ! He’s a Senator. Yes, that’s impressive, but you’re just going to have lunch, talk about his event and then he walks out of your life. It’s not like you’re going on a blind date or something.”
I laughed, “You’re right and I keep telling myself all that, but I just keep thinking about me and where I came from. What’ll we talk about? We won’t have anything in common and he’ll think I’m a moron.”
“That dumbass Joe! That’s where all this is coming from isn’t it? You are funny … you’re well read … you love animals … you love baseball and you stay up-to-date on politics and current issues. You’ll be fine! Besides, Bastian will be there … stop being silly!”
“All right. Leave me alone. I’ve got work to do!”
“What time is he coming?”
“We’re meeting here at 11:15 and then going to lunch.” I stood up and walked over to her desk, whispering again. “Does this skirt make my ass look huge? I feel like it does.”
“Stop it, crazy! Get back to work!” I turned my back to her and returned to my desk. “No, it doesn’t! It makes it look good though.”
“Chels,” I whined, “that’s not what I’m going for…” She stuck her tongue out at me and we settled in to work.

“Shit!” I looked up; Chelsea was looking under her desk, holding her ear. “Get over here, Sam, I need your help!”
I got up and walked over to her desk. “What is wrong with you? What’d you lose now?”
“Shh, come here closer. The back of my earring … I think it’s back there, under the desk.”
I laughed at her. “Well, crawl under and get it.”
“Would you?”
“No! Have Jake get it … he has pants on. I can’t crawl under there in this skirt!” I started to walk back to my desk and she grabbed my wrist, pulling me back. “Chelsea!” I giggled. “Stop it!”
“Listen, I can’t have Jake do it. These are the earrings he got me for Christmas … that I practically begged on bended knee for. He told me it was a waste to buy me nice things, because I’m always losing them! C’mon, Sam, crawl under and look.”
I rolled my eyes, and leaned on her shoulder while I stepped out of my heels. “Why am I doing this for you? Why can’t you crawl under and get it?”
She grinned wickedly, “Because, my little munchkin, you can practically walk under the desk. Just duck your head a little…” her thought trailed off into laughter.
I got down on my hands and knees, not amused. “Okay, where do you think it went?”
“It’s way toward the back, I think.”
“Of course it is,” I muttered and crawled under her desk … seeing nothing. “I don’t see anything. Get down here and show me where you mean.”
She got down under the desk with me. “Good Christ, Sam!” We looked around and she suddenly collapsed in laughter, lying down on her side. “Um, you’d better hope Jake stays in his office. That skirt? A little short and even shorter when you’re on your hands and knees!”
I reached back and pulled the skirt down as far as it would go and continued looking, ignoring her nonsense. “Is this it?” I held up the small gold back.
She took it and crawled out from under the desk. “That is it! You’re the best friend ever. Thanks, Sam. Come on out.”
“Oh, can I come out now? Chels, how do I stand up ladylike in this? I’m going to need some help.”
“I’ll help you … back up! God, if you didn’t have to get all gussied up for your Senator…”
“Stop! If I run these nylons because of you…”
“Senator Carrington. I’m sorry, I don’t know where our assistants are.” I groaned as I heard Bastian’s voice.
“Dammit, Chelsea,” I hissed quietly at her. Her eyes were big as saucers and full of mischief. We both slowly backed out and looked up.
“Oh, god, you two,” Bastian groaned. “How long have you been standing out here, Daniel?”
I looked over at the Senator and breathed a sigh of relief when he looked at me and winked. His eyes were almost as full of mischief as Chelsea’s. “Just walked in, Sebastian,” he said as he shook Bastian’s hand. He then turned back to us. “You two find what you were looking for?”
Chelsea popped right up and shook his hand, “We did. I’m so sorry about this. I’m Chelsea Murphy.” I sat there staring at her with my mouth wide open. I couldn’t believe she left me down on the floor.
“Sam, you okay?” Bastian asked.
“Um, yes, just…”
“It’s so good to see you, Sebastian,” the Senator interrupted. “Why don’t you show me your office?” Bastian shot me another look before turning to lead the Senator to his office. Senator Carrington looked at me and smiled warmly. “Glad you found the back of her earring, I’ll keep the boss busy while you get up,” he laughed. It was a nice laugh. “Nice to meet you, Chelsea. Now, since Samantha was so kind to find the back of your earring, you should help her up.” He disappeared into Bastian’s office.
Chelsea just stood there watching the Senator leave. I reached over and tapped her on the foot. “Um, excuse me, can I get a little help down here?”
She looked down at me and burst out laughing. “Well, Sam, at least the ice is broken! Get up, silly.” I grabbed her hands and got up … probably baring everything in the process. She laughed and pulled my skirt back down to its desired length. “Besides, he went all Prince Charming on you, giving you privacy. Instead of Bastian who just looked at us like we’d lost our minds!”
“Well?” I shoved my feet back into my shoes and stalked over to my desk.
“Okay, be in a snit. You can’t stay angry with me for long. You’ll see the humor in this eventually.”
I stopped mid-way across the office and returned to Chelsea’s desk and whispered, “Would you do a nylon check for me?”
“Wow, you got over that quicker than I thought you would. Turn around.” I turned slowly while she checked the state of my nylons. “You look good … fantastic even.” With that, she gave my behind a smack.
I started to laugh until I heard Bastian groan again. “God, you two. Can you pretend to be adults when we have visitors in the office?”
“I-I’m sorry, Senator, we’re usually much better behaved.” I walked over and extended my hand. He took it with a smirk. “I’m Samantha Skylar. I may not have inspired a lot of confidence in you…”
“Oh, no, you’re the one that found the earring, right? Let’s go to lunch, I’m starved.”

Monday, November 11, 2019

October and the Single Heart by Vi Zetterwall

$2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers



“It’s none of your business.” That was the answer neighbors heard when a mysterious man bought a parcel of land in a run-down neighborhood. Every indication was that he was up to no good. Sarah Lowell, a widow with two young children wasn’t the type to timidly accept that. She may have been searching for love but she was up for a war. The taciturn developer goes head to head with a diligent mother and odds are, only one of them will win.

This is the tenth romantic novella in the series and it tells a story of inter-racial relationships. Sarah is an African American widow with a strong sense of right and wrong while Mr. October is an enigmatic, uncommunicative white male. He seems to be working overtime to be disliked and untrusted. October and the Single Heart takes a look at this urban story that is much like real world events that are happening every day. It is a story of heartbreak, tears and reversals as colliding wills fight on.

Like all of the romantic novellas in the Single Heart series, this is a stand-alone story which follows events that occur as a new female lead character comes into possession of the Coin of Luck in Life and Love. Vi Zetterwall’s Single Heart series explores the very nature of a woman and a man’s relationship. Each book is a distinctive story—a short novel that pays homage to the verbal foreplay that goes on early in a relationship. Vi’s novels feature unique characters facing everyday problems—and sometimes, not-so-everyday. Although the characters and plotlines are all different, there is a connecting thread: In each book, the leading lady comes into possession of the Coin of Luck in Life and Love. In ways, sometimes small, sometimes great, the coin affects her actions and all subsequent events.

In your life, you have probably experienced an event that seemed inconsequential at the time but had far-reaching results. Vi’s books explore the magic that occurs when serendipity strikes and some chance meeting, a misunderstanding, an unexpected job offer or a misread clue leads to two people finding each other and falling in love. Vi writes about relationships and the drama that comes from every conversation. The steam that rises from her books is not due to an abundance of love scenes. You won’t see many phrases discussing the male anatomy or torrid moments in the bedroom. But you will feel your blood pressure rise during the dialogue-heavy scenes between potential lovers. Your heart will ache when the leading lady’s does and you will gain the same insights about life and love as she has.

Follow the travels of one coin and the lives it touches. As each book concludes, the protagonist passes on the Coin of Luck to another random woman—sort of a sneak preview to the next tale in the series. And everything seems to change after that. Is the coin magic or is it merely a catalyst that pushes love in the right direction? Every reader will have to decide for themselves. Vi Zetterwall weaves feel-good stories of love, suspense, mystery, and always a twist or two at the end. She loves a happy ending and never fails to deliver.
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