Monday, January 21, 2019

Get a Sneak Peek at Her Rogue to Tame by Debra Salonen

Because the first book in my Love, Montana series (HER HERO TO LOVE) is part of a FREE promotion through Valentine’s Day, I thought you might enjoy a snippet from the second book in the series: HER ROGUE TO TAME.

When I started brainstorming this series, I thought the heroes would be part of Tule's Hot Shot collection, but then I met Flynn, Tucker and Justin. These three unique individuals shared two things in common: they were best friends—united by a bond of brotherhood that pulled them through the fires of hell and one devastating loss—and they were ready for a change. Flynn's connection to Montana (his younger brother is the hero in Montana Darling) brought them to Marietta and the rest is...well, the stuff romance novels are made of.
Here's Tucker and Amanda's first kiss. Enjoy. You can be sure Tucker did. :-)

He let out a sigh of relief when he saw Justin catch up to Amanda. They were arguing but Tucker couldn't hear a word over the rumble of a second cement truck idling in line. The concrete guys all huddled in readiness to shovel the wet cement into the hole and spread it around the four-foot square base as soon as the wet concoction started down the chute.
At the last possible second, Justin snatched the box from Amanda's hands and dove for the hole. Luckily, the plan called for six inches of cement to go into the hole as a base for the pole that would then be raised in place using winches and pulleys.
Tucker held his breath as he saw Justin check the box and then reach into the hole as far as he could. A second later, with the help of two concrete guys, he popped back to his feet.
Justin spun around to give Tucker a thumbs-up gesture at the same moment Amanda kicked him in the shins and stormed off.
Tucker was still laughing when Amanda reached him. "Your friend's a glory hog. That was my job."
"He didn't want you to get dirty."
"You didn't trust me to do it right."
It struck him that he and Justin accidentally had hurt her feelings. Did society girls suffer from wounded pride the way normal people did? "I was afraid you were going to break your neck or get run over by the cement truck."
She crossed her arms and glared at him. "I'm tougher than I look. You have to be to survive in a family like mine. Next time you ask for my help, forget it."
He moved closer and did something he knew he'd regret later. He grabbed her firmly by the shoulders, letting his crutches fall. Balancing all his weight on his good leg, he pulled to him and kissed her. Hard, but not fast. The opposite of fast. He took his time to experience every damn nuance, like how she resisted him for three and a half seconds. And how, when she gave in, her mouth softened and her lips parted to invite him in.
The thought crossed his mind that this was an I'll-remember-this-moment-forever sort of thing. Was it? Would he never forget the first time he kissed Amanda Heller?
Of course not. She was just a pretty girl who kissed like a damn siren luring him to the wicked rocks where he'd crash and burn. There was nothing special about her, he told himself. Other than her taste, maybe. Honey sweet but with some intangible something all her own.
But even if Amanda was different from all the others he'd kissed--and enjoyed--over the years, she most definitely wasn't a long-term prospect. God, no. Not that he was looking for a forever love--something he knew existed because Ona and Twig had been inseparable right up till the day he died.
But even if Tucker bought into that happily-ever-after fantasy, he had way too much on his plate to get involved with Amanda Heller--even for the short term.
Too bad he had a feeling that decision was completely out of his hands. Her kiss told him she might be up for a little tryst he decided to call: "Roommates with benefits."

If that enticed you enough to read more, here's the Books2Read Universal buy link to your preferred vendor: ROGUE
Happy reading, my friends!

Friday, January 18, 2019

Girl Gone Nova: Project Enterprise: Book 2 by Pauline Baird Jones



She’s an interstellar spy. He’s an alien warlord. Can their love heal a rift in time and space?

Delilah Oliver "Doc" Clementyne specializes in impossible missions. When relations between the Earth Expedition and the Gadi starts to turn ugly, she’s sent on a desperate mission to bring their people home before war breaks out. But Doc nearly blows her cover when she saves the life… and loses her heart… to the most hated leader in the galaxy.

Helfron “Hel” Giddioni has survived more than his fair share of assassination attempts. And he’s not about to ruin his perfect record by letting a drop-dead gorgeous spy cloud his judgment. But when she’s abducted by primitive brutes wielding high-tech weaponry, he can’t help but tempt fate and fly in the face of danger.

With war brewing all around and celestial chemistry sparking between them, Doc and Hel uncover a startling secret with the power to bend space and time. To save the galaxy, they must battle their way into the past to safeguard the secret from forces who would use it to destroy the future.

Girl Gone Nova is the second standalone novel in the high-adrenaline Project Enterprise sci-fi romance series. If you like badass women, bad boy love interests, and interstellar showdowns, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ time-traveling adventure.

Buy Girl Gone Nova to go undercover in a star-struck romantic adventure today!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Trials of the Maid: The Search for the One by Vi Zetterwall

$2.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


The search for the One continues...

In book two of the Maid of Salerno series, Cassie Serrell faces a series of challenges as she reaches adulthood and strives to improve life in New Salerno. She yearns for the man she loves and a calm, peaceful life, but the Magistrate has other plans for the young woman who has become a thorn in his side.

Meanwhile, Whitaker Reynolds and others are given the task of finding the One—the One who will guide them out of the Days of the Darkening to better times. Somewhere in New Jersey, their paths will cross.


Cassie pushed the shovel’s end deep into the dirt and pushed again to get a larger amount of soil onto the pan. She pulled it up and flung it onto the pile above. Again, hardly taking a breath between, she pushed it deep into the dirt.

“Cassiopeia Serrell!” Whit called it out as loud as he could as he approached the dig area.

Cassie shot up, looked over the edge of the pit, and saw a determined-looking Whitaker Reynolds striding toward her. To her surprise, it appeared that half the town was walking with him and behind him. She climbed out of the pit, deciding to meet boldness with boldness.

Standing with her feet firmly planted two feet apart and her hands on her hips, she stared back at him and said, “I already told you no. I’m not going. What part of that did you not understand?”

Shouting back at her from eighty feet away, he hollered, “You’re going to New York. You’re supposed to and you know it!”

He walked up to within ten feet of her. About forty townspeople were bunched up another ten feet behind Whit, waiting to see events unfold.

Speaking in a calm, controlled voice, Cassie firmly stated, “I made that mistake already. Ain’t gonna happen again.”

“It wasn’t a mistake, Cassie. He was going to come back for you. Jordan stopped him. You can’t make a mistake twice if you never made it the first time.”

“Why won’t you go away? I don’t want to go.”

Whit shook his head. “I think you do. I tell you what. I believe so strongly that this is supposed to happen that I’ll do anything you say. Give me some difficult task. Something humanly possible but something you don’t believe I could ever do in a thousand years. If I can do it, then you go with me. And if I can’t, I’ll leave and never return.”

Cassie stared at him. “You say that but you already left once. Now you’re back. Why should I believe you?”

“Because I don’t plan to fail and because you know me and you know I tell the truth.”

Cassie struggled with the simplicity of that answer. She found she had no comeback. She looked around, seeking inspiration. There, hidden in the sea of faces behind Whit, stood Hisashi and Zara, eyes squinting against the sun. To their right, she spotted Eulah. Sweet Eulah with her big brown eyes smiling back at Cassie. As she looked back at her she felt the situation had evolved into two difficult choices.

Please Eulah and go or obey Nana Rose and follow her rule. How am I supposed to—

Suddenly it came to her. “OK, I’ll give you, um, a task. I’ll name a champion, and if you can beat him in a fair fight with your fists, then I’ll go with you. If not, you leave.”

Whit immediately agreed.

Cassie looked at the crowd and spotted Jimmy. “Jimmy, do me a favor. Go get Trajan and tell him I need him to stand up for me.”

Momentarily stunned, Jimmy recovered and said, “OK, Cassie. I’m on my way.” A murmur ran through the crowd.

Whit smiled. He thought about all the lessons he had taken with Morse and knew he was ready. He felt nothing could stop him from winning with all this on the line. “Good, bring him on,” he said with as much bravado as he could muster.

Ten minutes later, Trajan showed up. As Whit took his first look at his six-foot-seven, two-hundred-eighty-pound opponent, he blanched.

Cassie smiled wickedly, enjoying her surprise just a little too much.

“Trajan, this fellow wants me to do something that he thinks is a good idea and I don’t. We made a deal. If he can beat you in a fair fight, I’ll go to New York with him. If not, he leaves and I don’t have to see him again. I know you don’t like to fight that much, but I didn’t know who else to call. Will you be my champion?”

Always a bit short on words, Trajan simply looked at her and nodded.

“OK, everyone knows the rules. No weapons allowed. First one to give up or fail to get up within ten seconds is the loser. Whit, you have anything to say?”

“You mean like famous last words or something?”

“No, I mean you don’t have to do this. You can just give up now.”

Whit stared at his shoes for a moment, clearly contemplating the many virtues of the path of least resistance. Then he looked at Cassie and said, “That’s where you’re wrong. I do have to do this. And I have to win.”

Cassie connected eye-to-eye with Whit for a second, and in that moment she realized she didn’t want him to be hurt. She also knew it was too late for that.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Get Her Hero to Love by Debra Salonen FREE!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends!

I’m excited to share two bits of good news: first, my new 3-book series for Tule Publishing as been approved. I’m just waiting on the contract to finalize the release dates and titles, but I believe all three will be released consecutively in spring of 2020.

And, second, HER HERO TO LOVE is FREE at all vendors through Valentine’s Day.

If you haven’t read any of my Tule Publishing series, this book might be just the ticket. It’s first in my 3-book Love, Montana, series, and it has some fun and unexpected ties to my Big Sky Maverick series (although it’s a stand-alone book in its own right).

Because I’m a big fan of family sagas, I often choose to write about characters connected by birth, but not this time. The three heroes of the Love, Montana series are best friends. As different in personality and background as the Three Musketeers,  Flynn, Tucker and Justin, are heroes in their own way—and hunks, any way you define the word.

What’s your favorite Three Musketeer movie? Here’s a clip from one of mine (the 1973 version)

During Flynn Bensen's last wildfire rescue, a woman died despite Flynn's best efforts to save her. He can’t escape his sense of failure or recurring nightmares, but he can escape to Marietta, Montana, to a new job as the head of Crawford County Search and Rescue. When he meets his scorching hot co-worker on his first day, Flynn feels like he might have just jumped from one wild fire to another that threatens to burn out of control despite his determination to keep a safe distance.

Outspoken, direct, and ambitious Kat Robinson isn’t thrilled to have a new boss—after all, if the timing had been different, she’d have been a shoe-in for Flynn’s job. But a single mom of a ten-year-old son knows where her priorities lay—with Brady, the light of her life. No way is she looking for a relationship and co-workers are always off limits. Too bad Flynn’s so darn hot, gorgeous, kind and authentic.

Will Flynn be the hero Kat needs to help her find the courage to fall in love again?


The Love, Montana series
Book 1: Her Hero to Love
Book 2: Her Rogue to Tame
Book 3: Her Rebel to Kiss

May 2019 bring you many blessings, good health and moments of sweet serenity!

As always…happy reading!


Friday, January 11, 2019

The Key: Project Enterprise Book 1 by Pauline Baird Jones



She’s a stranded soldier. He’s an alien castaway. Can their love save a galaxy torn apart by war? 
Sara Donovan knew her top-secret expedition would be dangerous. But she never imagined she’d end up separated from her crew and stranded on an alien planet. When the smoke from her crash landing clears, she’s surprised to find a marooned resistance fighter ready to lend a hand. In a war-torn galaxy, Sara refuses to give her trust lightly… especially when she risks exposing the strange abilities she’s kept hidden since childhood.

Kiernan Fyn survives day by day on the hopes of exacting revenge on the warlord who murdered his wife. Sara is his ticket off the desolate rock to a new better future…until she’s targeted by hostile forces who thinks she holds the key to a long-lost civilization. In a fight for their lives, sparks fly as Sara and Fyn attempt to decipher their hidden connection with the powerful key before their ruthless enemies distort its power for galactic domination.

The Key is the first novel in the phenomenal Project Enterprise sci-fi romance saga. If you like interstellar chemistry, fast-paced action, and sprawling space operas, then you’ll love Pauline Baird Jones’ award-winning epic.

Buy The Key to unlock a rollicking romantic adventure today!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Maid of Salerno by Vi Zetterwall

$1.99 or FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


In a dark and broken world, one young woman is a ray of hope.

In 2019 the United States was hit with The Darkening, an apocalyptic terrorist attack that killed millions, including the President and most leaders. The country was thrown into turmoil, poverty, and literal darkness, where electricity is a thing of the past.

Cassiopeia Serrell was born into this harsh reality of a world without power, government or even the security of knowing where each meal will come from. With only her wise old Nana Rose to guide her through life in their New Jersey squatter’s settlement of Salerno, they struggle to survive, desperate to keep hope alive, despite the threat of the tyrannical Magistrate who lords over them.

Beyond the walls of Salerno, a pocket of ultra-rich patriots are on a mission to return the United States to its former place in the world before the Darkening. A time that few even remember, since the terrorist strikes decimated the country, leaving it to be ruled by gangs and criminals. As the patriots begin their search for the one who will reunite America, they realize that while they have resources, money and power, they lack the key ingredient – a leader that all will follow.
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