Thursday, April 26, 2012

2 Free Kindle Books About Werewolves

Wild by Naomi Clark

Lizzie Creighton ran away from her life a year ago, wanting to escape the pressures of university and just party. And that’s exactly what she did.

But now she's sick of the world she's fallen into – the drink, the drugs, the violence – and she's desperate to start again. The chance to do it comes from the last source she could ever imagine. After her deadbeat boyfriend steals her car and abandons her in the dead of night, Lizzie is bitten by a wolf. And suddenly her next fix is her last problem.

Now, caught between Nick Doyle, the outcast werewolf who claims he can save her, and Seth Weaver, the favourite son of the blue-blood werewolf royalty, Lizzie must decide what kind of werewolf she wants to be.

Author's note: Contains scenes of drug use and domestic violence and may not be suitable for younger readers.

Wolfkind by Stephen Melling

In Los Angeles the question on everyone’s lips… “Who is the Invisible Assassin?” The elusive hit man who has the authorities baffled, the general public intrigued and the local gangland highbrows hiding behind razor wire and hi-tec weaponry.

With the city’s second most powerful crime family slaughtered, Joshua Grenire is pressed into action by his mentor, Max Barlow: hunt and kill the assassin. Though burdened by social inexperience and the crushing responsibility of his mission, he is at the same time buoyed with child-like wonder at the prospect of finally interacting with ordinary people.

Once in L.A. Joshua infiltrates the Durant crime syndicate and acquaints himself with the mobster’s spirited civilian daughter, Genna Delucio. He finds himself breaking one of the rules by falling for the girl. While after nightfall he searches coldly for the assassin, during daylight hours he steals time to explore the simple rites of passage that long-term seclusion has denied him.

In a modern society blood-stained with intolerance and prejudice, street violence and contract killing, Invisible Assassin is a story about love and innocence struggling against the corrupting nature of power.

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