Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Free Kindle Books in Mystery

The Homeowner's Handbook for Murder by F. J. Kemp

Trinity Ridge is cursed. The first family to settle on the ridge perished in a bloody massacre and the land has been untouched for over a hundred years, guarded by the descendants of those who survived the tragedy, until Henderson Construction decided it would be the perfect site to build an exclusive gated community...

Years later, Elaine Wilson is sleeping alone on her first night on Trinity Ridge when someone reports a dead body using the phone inside her house. Now her husband is missing and the police think he's a killer, but Elaine is worried he's another victim.

Elaine doesn't know who to trust. She is harassed by the local Sheriff, stalked by a Peeping Tom and her Homeowner's Association is full of strangers. She's fighting for her husband and her home, but maybe those things she's trying to save are the things Elaine should fear the most...

The Puzzle Keeper by Megan Nafke

The announcement that the plague has left some survivors with paranormal side-effects, has left the world reeling. You'd think solving murders would be easy for Claire, a telepath, and Colin, who can turn into a spirit wolf, but you'd be dead wrong. Not everyone is willing to talk to Survivors so it is a good thing you can't tell who's normal and who isn't.

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