Thursday, April 12, 2012

4 Free Kindle Books About Kings

Today's selection has something for everyone. Whether you love romance or fantasy or classics, you'll find something to enjoy. Remember that these books may only be free for a limited time.

The Phoenix and the Dream King's Heart by James Monaghan

The Phoenix is a cursed ship.

Exiled to the Darkland Expanse, on the fringes of the known galaxy, its captain and crew have spent the last decade struggling just to stay alive. In a galaxy full of cruel gods, terrifying monsters and treacherous allies, though, survival is far from an easy task.

When the King of Dreams offers them a bargain – retrieve his stolen heart in return for a key that may just get them home – Captain Asher Lee and his crew agree to launch a desperate mission across dimensions. When faced with an insane goddess and her army of quantum spiders, though, do they really have a chance?

The Phoenix and the Dream King’s Heart is the first episode of the Phoenix Odyssey, an ongoing serial of adventure amidst the stars.

The Corpse King by Christopher Kellen

After years of nothing but grueling training and the desperate dance of death that is the life of an acolyte Arbiter, D'Arden Tal has been named an apprentice. He has been assigned to learn from Havox Khaine, one of the greatest Masters in living memory.

For two years they have traveled across the known world, and now they enter a tiny kingdom on the edge of nowhere. Rumors abound that the monarch of this kingdom is insane, and has created a demented puppet court... of the dead.

D'Arden must learn what it truly means to be an Arbiter, as he makes his first real confrontation with the horrors of corruption. Something much worse lurks within the shadows of the king's mind than simple madness, and D'Arden will find reason to call him...

The Corpse King.

To Conquer the Heart of a King by J. S. Laurenz

A woman who knows the future but not her own past. The son of a king who must fight for his crown. They will come together to get what they each desire. Their pact will turn to passion…just as intrigue threatens to tear them apart.

Before Lukas of Falkenberg returns to the Black Forest to take the throne from his dying father, he pays a visit to the nameless and sightless Seer at the Cloister of Mariendorf. He takes her captive to use her intuition to establish his reign. She willingly trades the punishing confines of the cloister for a palace prison in the hope of gaining her ultimate freedom. Although blind, she can see what the future king cannot—the needs of his subjects. She will win them over, but can she conquer the heart of a king before his half-brother Magnus separates them in a plot even she cannot foresee? 

The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights by Sir James Knowles

The Sir James Knowles version of King Arthur is considered as the most accurate and well known original story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table.


  1. Hi again, Amy- It's great that you showcase some Kindle books. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.

  2. Thank you Amy! I am going to stuff my kindle full now that I know about your blog! oh darn :)


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