Thursday, April 19, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books About Quests

We all love a good adventure. The chance to escape reality and go on a quest with great characters. These five free Kindle books are sure to please your adventurous side. Just remember to grab them quickly because they may not be free for long.

Dark Waters by L E Fitzpatrick

An epic, fantasy story filled with adventure, romance, and humour so dark it scares shadows

Egan Wey is a pirate, a scoundrel and the luckiest son of a... female canine
that ever braved the ocean. A scarred past forces his mouth to the
bottle and he is drawn to trouble like... well like he is drawn to the
bottle. He does bad things for men who would rather not get their hands
dirty, but one fateful night, in the corner of a lowlife's tavern he is
offered a job by Finn Fernwick, a young priest, that will not only
challenge his skills but stretch his sanity to breaking point.

What begins as a fairytale rescue quickly decays into a nightmare of epic
proportion as Wey and Finn combat zombies, privateers and a psychotic,
despot prince. Can two men really save the world from drowning around
them? Or will they drag every sorry excuse for a scallywag into the
depths with them?

Demonsouled by Jonathan Moeller

For fans of Robert E. Howard, David Gemmell, and Raymond E. Feist, here is a new story of sword and sorcery.

Banished for fifteen years, the wandering knight Mazael Cravenlock returns home at last to the Grim Marches, only to find war and chaos. His brother plans a foolish and doomed rebellion. His sister hopes to wed a brutal and cruel knight. The whispers speak of living corpses that stalk the night, of demons that lurk in darkness, and a sinister snake-cult that waits in the shadows.

Yet Mazael's darkest enemy waits elsewhere.

Within his own tainted soul...

The Quest for Elena the Fair by Gill Shutt

Three knights and a squire quest through the Vanishing Mists for the hand of fair lady Elena the Fey. Each suitor epitomizes a courtly virtue, but which will win the maid’s hand?

The Quest for Elena the Fair is the complete first poem taken from the six-poem, high fantasy saga: The Legends of Light.

Bradamant's Quest by Ruth Berman

It sounded like such a straightforward quest when Oberon proposed it—just gather up the magical talismans the fairies had given her family and give them back, now that King Charlemagne's war with Spain was over. But when Bradamant took on the quest, she didn't know that her brother would think it was trafficking with devils. Her cousins the magicians didn't want to give up their carefully indexed books of magic (much less the hippogriff—a useful steed and a loyal companion). Her sister-in-law was willing to give up the spear of Galafrone, but not until she'd finished using it. And her cousin Roland seemed to be haunting his grave, where his magically enduring sword was buried with him, and dead set against being disturbed. What's a warrior to do when valor alone is not enough for her to complete a quest?

Arawn's Quest by Edward Larel 

Arawn Segomo has left the forest to which his race has been banished for five-hundred years. Now, he seeks to release his people from their prison with the aid of an elven mercenary, a rogue mage and a boy named Zen. The xendauni and his friends will have to face off against the elementals on the border of their realm if they hope to truly begin Arawn's Quest.

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  1. Wow! Good suggestions. I'll have to look into these.

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