Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books About Vampires

Reed Butler's Story by James Emory Thomas

Reed Butler is a bereaved Texas cattle rancher in 1879, who does not believe in the supernatural. But when he is bitten by a vampire and becomes one of the undead, his only hope of being human again is to hunt down the vampire at the head of the bloodline and kill her in less than four days. But to accomplish that, he will need the help of God, who he has never believed in before and is now more than a little angry with. Along with a beautiful but slightly crazy female doctor, who has a secret agenda of her own, Reed Butler is facing the battle of his life and the eternal destinies of many people hang in the balance.Full of vampire cowboy action and almost unbearable suspense, Reed Butler’s Story is a relentless thriller infused with spirituality.

The Slasher of Flopsville by Jose Mojica

After feeling like a freak all her life, 14 year-old Mimi Miller finally moves to a place where everyone agrees she's normal and beautiful. Sadly for her, those qualities make her the freakiest girl in town.

Welcome to Flopsville, Michigan, the town where werewolves specialize in hair restoration, vampires mend their broken hearts through blood-n-guts poetry, and zombies lurk social networks in search of the perfect brain. Here, making low-budget horror films is the leading industry. Or at least it used to be before a werewolf actor known as The Slasher got hungry and devoured 25 people in a single weekend. But now that Mimi, the granddaughter of a famous scriptwriter, has returned, the town's hope has been restored. That is, if Mimi can fulfill her Grandma's prophecy and unravel the meaning of her birthmark  before The Slasher turns her into his next meal.

Venice Vampyr by Tina Folsom

Venice, early 1800s

Isabella Tenderini, a wealthy merchant's widow rescues a stranger from drowning in one of Venice's canals. And how does the man repay her selfless act? By kissing her - her, a respectable woman.

Not only is Raphael di Santori grateful for his life being saved, he would also like to thank his rescuer very intimately - more intimately than decorum allows. But then, Raphael has never been one to play by the rules - as a vampire he doesn't have to.

Blood of the Sun by J.L. McCoy

Skye Morrison has a lot in common with today’s college graduates; she’s neck-deep in student loan debt and desperate for a better paying job. For four years, the nightlife of Austin, Texas (home of Skye’s Alma Mater) has satiated her thirst for good music, a revamp in fashion and men – especially local musician, Jameson Doyle, but her spot as a waitress at Drop Kick Dan’s bar wasn’t going to cut the slack. A personal life troubled by a hounding ex only made matters worse. Skye was never the damsel in distress type, but when an unexpected public shouting match with her ex turned physical, a savior disguised as a heavenly gorgeous Irishman came to her rescue. Archer Rhys, a businessman with a lot to offer, doesn’t exactly sweep Skye off her feet but she couldn’t help but to be captivated by his ravenous good looks. When Archer makes Skye a lucrative job offer as his personal assistant for his new downtown Austin club, The Mausoleum, she quickly finds out that she may have gotten more than she bargained for.

Seithe by Poppet

 In a rage Phoebe stalks out on her past.

Fate twists her into new arms when she enters the club Pravus, where the fallen congregate.

She steps out of her life induced coma and indulges in SEITHE.

He's intoxicating, enthralling and dangerous. Is he a Vampyre, Demon, or Fallen angel? She's about to find out, if he doesn't kill her first.

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