Friday, April 6, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books in Fantasy

F is for fantasy and this morning we're going to look at five free Kindle books that delve into the world we love so much. With magic, witches, kings and queens, and even a vampire or two. I hope you enjoy these picks. Remember they may only be free for a limited time!

Song of the Fairy Queen by Valerie Douglas

It's said of Fairy that if you're in dire need and you call their name they'll come. With his castle under siege and young son in his arms, High King Oryan couldn't be in more dire need. With only his High Marshal, Morgan, and a handful of Morgan's men at his back, he has only one direction left to run...up. And only one ally to whom he can turn. Kyriay, the Queen of the Fairy.

Howl of the Wolf by Diane Rapp

Drako is a planet on the fringe of civilized space suitable for colonization, but a society of telepathic wolves already occupies the world. When a colony ship lands on Drako, the wolves try to communicate but find no intelligent creatures to mindspeak with them. The wolves watch as colonists develop Drako into a recreation planet for wealthy tourists. Settlers became feudal lords, desert sheiks, oriental samurai, and ordinary peasants depending on their level of investment. After several generations of catering to tourism, the monarchy revolted against technology and closed Drako to offworld visitors. Distaste for technology mutated into superstitious hatred, and anyone caught with spacer tools or weapons could be executed.

In civilized space scientists invented Transfer, a means to insure immortality by moving a human mind into a clone—free of hereditary defects. Every fifty years (a span) an individual qualified for Transfer but the tradeoff was large debt to the Institute. Governments toppled and war left the Institute in total control. Individuals were virtual slaves to Institute rules, but the inventors of Transfer became a threat.

When the medical spaceship Zebulon flees from an Institute death sentence, the captain doesn’t know an assassin infiltrated his crew. They picked the remote planet of Drako for their exile where a dying king needs an heir, and hereditary lords hate spacers. When the king forces Captain Donovan to compete for the crown to protect the lives of his crew. Faced with superstitions, hatred, and eminent danger, the crew must adapt to a feudal society without using modern tools or weapons. Fortunately the Transfer process enhanced the natural talents of each person and might give them an advantage. When Kriegen, the leader of a wolf pack makes telepathic contact with Donovan, he gains a valuable ally agains Jarrack, the Institute assassin who is determined to kill him. 

The Stargazers by Allison M. Dickson

The Stargazers have long been guardians of the Old Magic, the precious life force of Ellemire that was stolen long ago and brought to Earth. For generations, the witches have traveled to our world to conceive a child and bring that magic home one little bit at a time. Unfortunately, this ritual turns once beautiful young women to shriveled crones and social outcasts.

Aster, the youngest of the Stargazer coven, is the next to make this crippling journey, but a lot more is riding on her success. She is the Great Mother, the long prophesied witch whose child is destined to release the Old Magic back to Ellemire and save the land from coming darkness. But she soon learns that saving her world comes at an unspeakable cost, one that forces her to decide whether she can even fulfill her obligations at all. Meanwhile, her devious and power-hungry aunt Oleander is nipping at her heels, determined to do whatever it takes to make Aster her pawn and her slave.

Crimson Leaf by SM Jonas

When his parents are murdered, seventeen-year-old Prince Travis celebrates his freedom from a loveless and harsh upbringing by running riot with his friends. He doesn't curb his behaviour until warned by his elderly guardian and then threatened by the intimidating Lord Chief Justice.

Travis is crowned king, but rumours continue to link him to his parents' deaths. A strange breed of Guardians, masquerading as a sword master and a maid, start work at the palace. Not long after, Travis' brothers and sister are subject to murder attempts. Travis realises that his entire family is in peril and, king or not, he desperately needs help and advice.

In a race to find the killer before he strikes again, the king's advisors and the Guardians become dangerously at odds. Meanwhile, Travis goes on a clandestine mission that will lead him to the unimaginable truth.

Protector by Vanna Smythe

Kiyarran always wanted to be a Protector of the Realm. Untold magic and forbidden love for Princess Issiyanna awaken inside him once his wish comes true. Now the Priesthood that rules the realm from the shadows see Kiyarran’s extraordinary skill as a threat.

Issiyanna is needed for a reaction on the other side of the Veil—a man-forged barrier separating the world in half. A Beacon and Answer gave up their lives to Don the Veil 1,000 years ago. Issiyanna is a Beacon needed to renew the Veil.

Issiyanna is abducted by a group of Keepers from across the Veil, and Kiyarran follows to save her.

Will he choose to bring her back, or run from all he knows to follow her across the Veil? Will Kiyarran fulfill his duty as a Protector, or allow his love for Issiyanna to guide his future path?

Magic, loyalty, childhood friendship, greed, and love all clash as Kiyarran is forced to make his decision.


  1. Whoohoo, Downloaded them all!!

  2. I grabbed Crimson Leaf, but Protector is already not free. Oh well. Thank you for posting!


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