Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books in New Releases

Today's topic for the A to Z Challenge is new releases. There are thousands of books that hit Amazon each month, thanks to self-publishing, and many of these books are free. I've chosen some of the best sounding books for today's list and hope you enjoy them.

If You're Human Don't Open the Door by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson and N. Jones

What creatures go bump in the night? With an affinity toward horror and a knack for dreaming up scary monsters, the authors of this eBook want to take readers on several journeys through nightmarish beasts and devilish demons.

This collection of short horror stories is the first such collection from author, poet, and publisher Jennifer-Crystal Johnson and N. Jones, a contributing author.

Tales From Beyond the Darkness by M Dee Dubroff

In Tales From Beyond The Darkness ghosts linger in the ether of the air and raise havoc with human conscience and understanding. These stories come from another shadowy realm; a precarious edge over which few pass and even fewer return. Meet Nathan Dealey, who inherits a pair of gloves that transform him from a mediocre artist into a master; lawyer Martin Baravale, who finds unexpected company on the ledge of a building and Roland Duvall, a man who carries an unspeakable burden. These and others await your attention. Shiver a bit and follow along. You may never think the same way about some things again…

The Disgusting Child by Christine McMahon

Lydia’s parents haven’t always been evil; she remembers a time before dark magic changed their personalities. Now storms are forming indoors, lizards are roaming the halls, a priceless treasure has gone missing and time is running out. Eleven-year-old Lydia thinks the key to bringing her parents back to the way they used to be may lie in the section of the library labeled “Witchcraft." But is she fighting witchcraft or is she herself the witch?

The Battle Hymn Blues by Baker Lawley

Stoney Nix can play anything, from Beethoven to the Blues, on his old rattletrap piano. It’s just a gift, and a good one. Music is his ticket out of Pinewood, Alabama, his ironic, dying hometown, where they reenact the Civil War but cancel marching band because it’s too small. Then Sadie Green, the hilarious and beautiful new girl (and Stoney’s major crush), convinces him to fight in the fake Civil War battle. What happens there will haunt Stoney forever—and only through voices of the past, struggle, friendship, and his music, will Stoney find himself.

A young adult-paranormal-gothic-comedy-romance, The Battle Hymn Blues is a story filled with ghosts and pranks, music and mystery. It’s a love song to the blues we all share, how the past and the future and happiness have the strangest ways of finding you.

Clockwork Kingdom by Leah Cutter

A young adult, steampunk fairy novel.

Adele--a beautiful fairy queen with wings of clockwork--despairs when  her husband, the Master Tinker, dies before he finishes the machinery that will drive the humans away and restart the human-fairy war. Then she meets Dale, a human boy with natural talent who can finish the machine. She enslaves Dale and binds his will with fairy magic.

However, Adele fails to capture Dale's twin sister Nora, who has only recently discovered that she is a Maker and has power of her own.

Can Nora accept the magic that makes her different and save both her brother and herself before the fairy kingdom clockwork can be turned on, killing millions of innocent people?

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