Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blood Moon by Jody Morse and Jayme Morse Review

Blood Moon (Howl #2) by Jody Morse and Jayme Morse

Coping with becoming a werewolf was bad enough, but Samara never knew that the decisions that came with being werewolf would be so difficult.

Blood Moon picks up where Howl left off and is another page turner. Readers are given a closer look at their favorite characters and introduced to a few new ones - some good and some that might just be a bit evil. As the story progresses, Samara is forced to make difficult decisions, some that will end friendships and some that will affect everyone in her family. Can she survive being a werewolf? And, can she handle her new found responsibilities?

I was so amazed at how quickly Blood Moon went. When I got to the end, I couldn't believe it was over. The cliff-hanger ending was even more alluring than the ending of Howl and left me wanting the next book right away. Alas, the third book in the Howl series has yet to be released.

If you love werewolves, young adult books, or paranormal romance, you will love this Blood Moon.

Reviewer was given a copy of Blood Moon in exchange for a review.

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