Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bridget in Werewolf Rehab by Maura Byrne - KBOD

Bridget in Werewolf Rehab by Maura Byrne
$7.99 (4/26/2012)

What happens to werewolves who aren’t savage beasts and vampires who don’t like blood? They get sent to rehab, of course!

And so it begins when Bridget, a thirteen year old computer-mad, meat hating werewolf is forced into the crazy world of Herr Wolf’s Rehab. There she has to endure a horrendous daily routine of compulsory shape shifting and inner wolf therapy. Even though most of Bridget’s class are endearing and zany, Bridget feels so traumatised she vows to run away. But just as she’s about to escape, after a ride on the thrilling emotional roller roaster, Bridget’s life is saved by three wacky rehab-attending vampires.

Mr Chow, the head of the United Supernatural Nations is summoned to preside over a dispute between the two schools. Instead of delivering sanctions, he radically suggests the running of a boat race and quiz night to encourage friendly co-operation between the supernatural misfits. Bridget is thrilled - the cool, non-animalistic vampires are so fascinating to her.

The boat race ends with the vampires cheating by using über farts and the quiz night descends in to a hysterical farce. Somehow the friendships deepen. When another class mate is poisoned, it quickly becomes clear that someone is trying to kill Bridget. In her quest to deny her animal identity and discover the truth about the murder, Bridget breaks school rules and illegally visits the vampire’s rehab. There Bridget discovers a world far nuttier than her own and realises that the vampires are just as hopeless as she.

But Bridget’s life is still at risk and when she and her new vampire friends are about to die, Bridget must decide if she will finally accept her werewolf identity and unleash the animal within.

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