Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Spy DIY Style by Jenni Radosevich Review

I Spy DIY Style by Jenni Radosevich

Have you ever saw a dress you just had to have but couldn't afford? Have you ever went shopping, but couldn't find anything that matched your personality? Then you need to DIY.

I Spy DIY Style by Jenni Radosevich tells you everything you need to know about taking a piece of boring clothing and turning into something fabulous. You'll learn tips and tricks and you're even given a list of basic supplies you need to keep on hand for altering clothing.

I found a few project in this book that caught my eye. However, I do feel this book is more for someone that's starting out rather than someone who is experienced at altering clothing. I think this book would be wonderful for teenagers who want to express their own style and need tips on how to make alterations.

I recommend I Spy DIY Style to anyone who wants to learn how to update their current wardrobe or how to make basic pieces purchased on a budget into something fabulous. Even if you don't care for the project listed in the book, it still teaches you several techniques you can use to make your own projects.

Reviewer was given a copy of the book through NetGalley in exchange for a review.

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