Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books About Ghosts

Ghost Hunting Dairy Volume I by T. M. Simmons

This collection of ghost hunting diaries is a selection from those T. M. Simmons kept during her twenty years of adventures in the paranormal world. As a writer, she felt compelled to keep records of her encounters, and until now, she has only shared these with a few friends and relatives. Encouraged by their interest, and the awe and sometimes apprehension on their faces, she is editing some of the dozens upon dozens of diaries in her files. Volume I contains Down the Ghost Trail, which chronicles the start of T. M. Simmons’ ghost hunting career at the haunted Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Crossing Over explains how she learned to help lost souls cross into The Light. In Midnight Ferry, a late-night phone call sends her into a confrontation with a nasty ghost-witch who meant horrific harm. The other three stories are ones she chose as some of her favorites. She has also included a few definitions of her beliefs and the rules by which anyone whom she allows into her ghost hunting life must abide. These stories are true, and each new volume will be offered as a prelude to the upcoming fictional Dead Man mystery series. Dead Man Talking, which should be available as an ebook within a few days of this first volume, will be a fun, scary romp in the paranormal world. Part of the first chapter is included at the end.

Killer Karma by Lee Killough

Inspector Cole Dunavan finds himself in the middle of a parking garage with no memory except of his murder. After remembering who he is and accepting that he is now a ghost, he has more problems. He is a ghost with no idea how being a ghost works. No one sees or hears him. He cannot move objects and initially cannot move through closed doors. He learns to his horror that his body has not been found the circumstances of his disappearance make it appear he betrayed his marriage and was killed by his mistress...who has also disappeared. Only he knows the woman was an informant...and he is still on earth because his obsession with capturing a felon put her in mortal danger. While he works at saving her, he struggles to communicate with his former partner, to get straight with his wife, and learn the identity of his killer. 

How to Ghost Hunt by Frank Potterstone

Are you a paranormal lover? Would you like to start your own ghost hunting group in an exciting new field? "How to Ghost Hunt" includes all three "Jam Packed!" Ghost Seeker volumes which provide you with a step-by-step plan on how to start a ghost hunting team of you're very own, that has clients raving for you to come back! You'll also find valuable ghost seeking tips that will give you a competitive advantage over other ghost hunting groups in your area. You'll learn:

* How to get that much needed permission from the property owner
* How to follow protocol and keep a checklist
* Ghosts what exactly are they?
* What researching a ghost adventure is all about
* What mindset you need to be in while interviewing witnesses
* Our personal step by step team process
* Top Notch tips on capturing Great EVP's
* The best EVP questions to ask during your sessions
* How to correctly analyze all your data
* What exactly are Shadow People and can they hurt you
* How to start your own Ghost Seeking Team
* What Legal Forms you'll need to fill out to keep you're whole team protected ( Along with samples you can use and modify )
*Para Quiz "Test your Knowledge!"

Bonus! A sample Ghost Seeking Log Form, that you can use as is or edit for your own team needs.

And most importantly, how to build a credible and long lasting relationship with all your clients by being respectful,tactful, and just plain professional... You will see,if you follow all the protocols listed in this field guide to the paranormal, you will be light years ahead of every other Ghost Hunting team out there, that are just winging it, And probably burning some bridges along the way...

Discover how to become a professional ghost seeker today!

The Real by James Cole


Who wouldn’t want to become cognizant of secret realms?
When seven hippies burned to death 39 years ago in a tragic fire, a ghost story was spawned. The legend, passed down by students at the local University, centers on Claire Wales, a.k.a. the Hippie Queen. Graduate student Jeremy Spires thinks nothing of the tale until he stops on a deserted road to help a stranded motorist, Grady, who retells the ghost story as if it and the Hippie Queen are real. Despite Grady’s warnings to stay away, Jeremy and his devoted girlfriend, Jinni Malone, plan a camping trip to the very place – Reefers Woods – where the hippies died. After a near-death experience, an ultra-vivid dream and bizarre visions of children roaming about, Jeremy wonders if there could be some extraordinary power manifested in Reefers Woods. Can Jeremy, in his role as a cynical scientist, dare to believe in the supernatural? Can he discern what is real and what is not?

Do you know what it is to burn?
No? Neither did Jeremy, at least not before a girl, a beautiful stranger, kissed him unexpectedly in a bar. In the days that followed, and despite his love for Jinni, Jeremy cannot turn his thoughts away from the provocative encounter. When Jeremy gives in to his forbidden desires and seeks out the mysterious Monika, he is thrust into a shadowy subculture of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll, of which he had been completely unaware. It is Monika who asks the question, and subsequently reveals what it is to burn.

I can’t believe she’s dead!
The intrigue and suspense intensifies after a ritualistic murder at the University draws the attention of the nation. After learning that the victim is someone very close to Jeremy and after finding evidence linking him to the crime scene, the police focus on Jeremy as a suspect, forcing him to search for the real killer and to try and make sense of the many unforeseen twists and turns his life takes.

What is THE REAL?
THE REAL may be described as a murder-mystery, an action-adventure and a supernatural thriller, deftly folded into one. The observant among you might see the novel through an allegorical lens or even as an extended fable. Regardless, this book can be experienced on several levels. It is up to you, the reader, to decide how deeply you wish to delve.

Strange Romance by Scott William Carter

ant a break from the usual boy-meets-girl scenario? Try these four delightfully weird romantic tales on for size:

She was a disembodied voice trapped inside a stereo system. He was a lonely guy who had trouble with women. It was love at first sound . . . A young man who made a disastrous choice in wife is forced to crash weddings with his ghostly bride so she can remain on Earth. . . . The untold story of Medusa — and a tale of love and redemption unlike any story you've ever read . . . A Minnesota widower has a magical encounter with an enchanted snow man —and gets a last glimpse of the love of his life.

Provocative. Touching. And more than anything, strange. Four stories of weird romance and unusual love sure to keep you turning the pages.

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