Thursday, May 3, 2012

Death Throes Box Set by Ian Woodhead - FREE!!

Death Throes Box Set by Ian Woodhead
FREE (5/3/2012)

An omnibus edition of three novels of horror by author Ian Woodhead

Spores: Everyone over the age of 40 has been wiped out by an unidentified fungal plague. Only the young remain. The survivors leave their shelters and emerge into a world blanketed with clouds of drifting spores.
They believe that the worst is over, now is the time to start re-building. They have yet to encounter the abominations, altered by the spores. They thought the plague was the end.
The plague is just the beginning.

Shades of Green: Like maggots eager for flesh, the pale tendrils pushed up through the woodland soil. The alien vine penetrated flora and fauna, its intimate caress altering everything at a genetic level.
Deep underground, the vast machine grew as it tunneled through the earth, slowly bearing towards the small town of Holburn.
The Aliens arrived millions of years ago. The invasion has just begun.

Third Sight: Driving its serrated talons through their hot skin fills it with unbelievable pleasure. Only the immense waves of life energy detonating from its chosen watcher can come close to the almost orgasmic experience of deleting their physical form from this realm.
Adrian Winters is unaware that close to his home, a newborn demon has chosen him to be the watcher. Very soon, his loving family and all his friends are about to become food for the demon.

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