Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 Free Kindle Books About College

Australian Higher Education and the International Student by Dr Stephen Fox

If you are thinking of studying abroad then this book is highly recommended for its clear insights into an Australian higher education system which fails its international students in far more ways than it should.

The book reflects and recounts the author's experiences as a lecturer in the Australian higher education industry; it comes 'straight from the horse's mouth'.

Excerpts from the book:

‘While recognising the importance of foreign students to the economy … Australia should stop treating them as a commodity. Educators need to provide a better experience, rather than just taking their money and providing no real support …' Arfa Noor, President of the Council for International Students in Australia as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 February 2012.⁠

' ... several Australian universities seem unable or reluctant to field resources necessary and sufficient to devise and deliver relevant programmes of study for their international students ... those universities are not only putting the integrity of higher education in Australia at further risk but also, and more importantly, they are engendering false expectations in their international students and providing them with a sub-optimal education which leaves many disadvantaged and their potential stifled.'

'Despite the lure of permanent residency, international students who stay on in Australia are increasingly finding that job offers fail to meet their expectations ... how many more are destined to become gleaners on the granary floor ...?'

‘ … students who come to Australia were settling for second or third best, said Greg McCarthy, head of social sciences at the University of Adelaide, and were opting to study in their own country, Britain or the US.’ The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 February 2012.

In the global race between universities to attract international students, this specialist book has been written for people who are seriously researching their options for overseas study. It might also prove to be of value to education agents and those others who are associated with higher education.

How to Study in College by Jim Ollhoff

Concise presentation of crucial tips and strategies for studying in college. Read this now and save valuable time later. About 5600 words.

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