Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 Free Kindle Books About Ghosts

For One Last Kiss by Calista Taylor

As a reaper, Lilly knows that relations with the living are strictly forbidden, and even more damning is to contact someone from her past. Yet when she gets the opportunity to see her betrothed once more, she cannot possibly resist the chance for one last kiss.

*This is a short story with an extended preview of the full length novel JACK- A GRIM REAPER ROMANCE.*

*Some scenes are not suitable for those under 18 years of age.*

The Ghost Who Fed Them Bones by Time Roux

Alice, who was a mere teenager when she was murdered, has returned in spectral form to prevent further brutal killings.

For that she needs a living accomplice, a role the 21 year old Paul Lambert steps into with some trepidation. Having been clairvoyant all his life, he is used to dealing with ghosts, but this one is particularly driven and also exceptionally beautiful and seductive, so he is soon doing her bidding to a much greater extent than he ever intended.

However, in time it becomes apparent that Alice is working to quite a different agenda from the one she is laying out before Paul. It isn't just a case of his disinterring her rotting body and fingering her killer, not by any means.

For a start, there is a vengeful maniac who has to be stopped she hasn't quite got round to mentioning yet. Then there is the fact that she isn't the only ghost with an attitude out a-haunting either.

Love, death and the supernatural: it's going to be quite a summer.

Talon Hills Trilogy by Kelly Fisher

Lizzie is a housewife with two young children. She has a few problems, she is a bit bored in her marriage, she feels like life is passing her by, and she has a ghost. When she starts to seek out help with her ghost problem she finds a whole lot more than she bargained for when she is thurst into a world she never even imagined existed

Although Lizzie's ghost problem may be behind her thanks to Archer and his friends, she now finds herself torn between a world where she feels she belongs and a world she knows she can't leave.

Lizzie is stuck in a very unhapppy marriage that she wants out of but to leave would mean endangering the lives of people she truly cares for. Will she be able to finally be where she really belongs or has that dream been shattered?

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  1. Among these three I've read only The Ghost Who Fed Them Bones. Can't say I liked it, as for me it was quite typical. The plot wasn't new, but it was written in a quite special way, and that I liked!


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