Thursday, June 7, 2012

4 Free Kindle Books About Working From Home

The Laptop Liberator by Marc Charles

The Laptop Liberator reveals four digital businesses anyone can run with a laptop (netbook, iPad, PC or any mobile device) from anywhere in the world.

Start-up guru and entrepreneur Marc Charles walks you through each business in detail and shows you how to implement each business quickly.

So, You Want to Publish a Book? By Jerry Watkins

An insider's look at the self-publishing world. From over 30 years in the publishing industry the author gives insight and suggestions for those exploring or publishing for the first time. A detailed analysis of the process and pitfalls is included.

The final section on Marketing Your Book will be helpful to the novice and experienced author alike.

How to Make an App by Matt Michaels

Interested in creating your own mobile app? Congratulations, you’re in for an exciting and rewarding journey.

With this power-packed guide, you’ll learn how to easily build your first mobile app and launch it with a successful marketing plan.

Building a mobile app will seem like a daunting and, potentially, impossible task at first. But, thousands of people do it each year and that number is growing.

The good thing is that you don’t have to know ANYTHING about programming or coding to create your own mobile app. I don’t.

Have fun creating your very own mobile app!

How to Build a Profitable Niche Blog by Dee Ankary

The secret to a profitable niche website is not difficult. The right keywords, great content and some judicious promotion. The key is focus, both in terms of targeting a specific niche, and consistently moving forward until your site is thriving.

There are literally thousands of guides, tutorials, and video courses on how to monetize the web. This ebook will show you how to build a niche site, one step at a time, in simple and easy to understand terms.

Follow along, and in a short amount of time, your niche site will be up and running. Use it as your platform to deliver value to your customers, or to capture email addresses for future marketing, or simply place a relevant offer in front of your traffic.

The basics are simple, and with this guide, so can the execution.

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