Friday, June 1, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books in Fantasy

The Moonstone by Nikki Broadwell

Finna’s mother is dead. So why is this woman standing on her stoop claiming to be just that? Catriona arrives bearing a gift—a luminous moonstone that holds the secrets to Finna’s heritage. What heritage? Catriona insists that the two of them must journey to the castle of the Celtic moon goddess, Arianrhod. Moon goddess? The story Catriona weaves is preposterous. A parallel reality, known as the ‘Otherworld’, exists next to this one. According to her, this place has no electricity, cars or any other modern conveniences. “The moonstone will show the way,” Catriona intones cryptically. Newly pregnant Finna is naturally skeptical. Where has this woman been for the past eighteen years? And why would her father lie about her mother’s death? All her instincts tell her to stay put during this critical time. But Catriona is uncannily persuasive, convincing her despite Finna’s misgivings. What a trip through this alternate reality really means, and the secrets Catriona reveals about their family and the baby Finna carries, have Finna questioning everything she has ever known. With her life and that of her unborn child in jeopardy, Finna must find a way to survive.

The Printer's Devil by Chico Kidd

Sometimes the evil that magicians do lives after them, lying in wait for the unwary. Sometimes curiosity does something far more perilous than simply put your life in danger.And sometimes more than just lessons can be gained from history. Alan Bellman, an unassuming writer, falls into an elaborate trap laid in the 17th century by wizard Roger Southwell…but Southwell’s malevolence meets its match in Alan’s wife Kim, who also finds some quite unexpected allies in her quest to rescue her husband. Intertwined with Kim and Alan’s story is another tale of Southwell’s machinations, that of the wizard’s unwilling ally and later enemy Fabian Stedman.rough his battle with evil Kim gains the knowledge and strength to fight back, against not only the sorcerer but ultimately the power of Hell itself. The Printer’s Devil is a mix of magic, bellringing,music and the great tradition of the master of ghost stories,M.R. James, and placed 12th in Locus magazine’s Best First Novel poll.

An Ogham Wood by Cliff Seruntine

Where does one begin the tale of An Ogham Wood? Perhaps with the Lady Ellidurydd who was born three thousand years ago in wooded Wales and fell in love with a stag of the forest. Or perhaps the tale should begin fifteen hundred years later with Dylan O’Shee, exiled prince of a lost Irish kingdom who had the gift of finding souls. Maybe it truly begins with the vanishing of the Hundred Horsemen, for it was then a band of wandering Celtic tinkers appeared with a vision to save the fading faerie folk of the West.

Aye, in any and all these places the tale could begin, and others too. For the lives of many, mortals and not, have been woven into the myth of the Ogham Wood. But let us begin it in the moment, in the last days of the Island of Manannan, with Sweyn deSauld, a man bereft of family, of hope, and even his right mind.

>>Once upon a time, there was a sailor who had lost all he loved, and fell to doing terrible things. And then he found he was empty, and all that was left for him was the lonely sea. So there he passed the wandering days, trying to forget. But he was not forgotten. For his lost wife was from the Island, a hidden place where enchanted things still dwell in the green world. And the old witch of the Island made plots for the sailor. She called up a magic wind, and forgetfulness, and drew him into something terrible and wonderful, and far too big for a shattered man who walks the brink of madness. But ghosts and a pinch of faerie luck may yet shape the fate of Sweyn, heir to a legacy he does not want, and quite beyond his imagination. For on the Island he shall encounter Coppin, a cantankerous old codger who keeps the secrets of Dundubh Cottage. And Oak Peg, a recluse who dwells in the wood, brewing potions and making cheese. And Donald, the woodsman who broods on a terrible loss. But, most wondrously, he shall encounter Caitlin, a strange raven-haired girl who sings by night in the lonely wood, and who is said to have no soul. And over them all is the Pact, and the fate of the Island depends upon whether Sweyn can keep it. But how much hope can one hang upon a madman?

Logic to the Rescue by Kris Langman

When Nikki Murrow failed her first High School debating match she did what anyone would do – she hid in a closet. She found comfort hiding among the mops and cleaning supplies, but she also found two imps – tiny creatures from a magical kingdom who lead her on a strange journey into the Realm of Reason.

There is Fuzz, a grumpy imp with a fondness for breaking the rules. And Athena, a model of impish manners, decorum and spotlessly clean clothes. Together they convince Nikki to join them in the battle against the king's evil advisor, Maleficious.

In her debate class, Nikki learned the value of logic and reason, but who knew her ability to formulate a hypothesis would help a mud-splattered Knight redeem his tarnished reputation? Or that her knowledge of logical fallacies would rid the Realm's Haunted Hills of ghosts?

Maleficious's hold on the king is strong, but Nikki and the imps are determined that the Realm will not fall into his clutches. Will their mastery of logic rid the kingdom of the ignorance Maleficious is spreading, or will the inhabitants of the Realm fall back under the sway of centuries-old superstition?

Cursed by S. A. Archer and S. Ravynheart

As a private investigator specializing in paranormal problems, London Eyer thought she could handle working for the Sidhe. They couldn’t be any worse than vampires or werewolves or wizards, could they? Oh, how wrong she was. One ‘Touch’ of Sidhe magic and she was cursed. Her only chance to survive is to serve the creep that cursed her against the vicious Changelings out for his blood.

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