Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5 Free Kindle Books on Writing

Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Coker

The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success reveals the best practices of the most commercially successful self-published ebook authors. This ebook is a must-read for every writer, author, publisher and literary agent. Learn 28 best-practices you can implement today at no cost. These secrets will help you become a more professional, more successful writer and publisher. Share the secrets!

Topics covered include:

* The qualities of a great ebook cover
* How to pinch pennies and maximize profitability
* How metadata works, and how to use it to increase title visibility
* How to build reader trust and author brand
* Time management
* The importance of distribution
* How to use FREE as a powerful platform-building and marketing tool
* The importance of ebook retailer algorithms
* How ebook sales develop over time (ebooks are immortal, they don't go out of print!)
* How to maximize viral word of mouth with viral catalysts
* How to maximize the discoverability of your ebook
* And much more...

How to Become a Freelance Writer by William Carter

Finally, a step by step way to work from home. If you want to fire your boss and can write in a conversational and clear manner, then you have the skills needed to be a Freelance Writer.

The Internet is literally filled with blogs and websites. Somebody needs to write this content! That somebody is you, and you can make a ton of cash doing it. If you ever wanted to write for money now you can.

This book shows you step by step how to become a paid freelance writer. I hold your hand and show you what you need to do get that first paid writing job!

By simply writing blogs and articles from the comfort of your home you too can own your own freelance writing home business. You don't need to be a Hemingway to do this. Simply write in a competent and conversational manner and you can earn a lot in article writing.

Isn't it time you started working from home with your own Freelance Writing Business?

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker

Learn how to market any book. This popular book marketing primer has helped over 40,000 authors and publishers dramatically improve their book marketing results.

The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide contains practical, easy-to-implement advice on how to market any book. 30 simple, do-it-yourself marketing tips explain not what you can do to market your book, but also explain the context and thinking behind each recommendation. The marketing techniques apply equally well to both ebooks and print books.

A Guide to Jumpstart Your Freelance Writing Career by Bess Collins

If you are a stay at home mom that wishes she could find a way to make some extra money, without having to work a job that takes you away from your children, freelancing writing is your ticket. This is not a scam job that will end up biting you in the rear when it comes to getting money for your work. This is also not a get rich quick method.

In order to be successful as a freelance writing mom you actually have to take some time and work at it. However, it will all be worth it in the end when you are not only contributing to your houses finances, but are also having a lot of fun and maybe even learning something about yourself that you did not know.

How to Write Great Website Content by Daniel Kaplan

While the technology of the web has grown at break-neck pace, the quality of the content hasn’t kept up. Most websites for businesses are still just nice looking online brochures, or “brochure-ware.” Nice looking in that many marketing people and web teams want first and foremost for their website to “present our brand.”

What is so often overlooked is that people will base their decisions on what they read. Most websites, still, are simply informative rather than action oriented.

You know different. You want people who visit your site to DO SOMETHING. That’s why you’re reading this. Compelling people to take action is vital if you want to generate leads, get phone calls, make sales, raise donations, or achieve whatever goals you have set for your website. Don’t know what your goals are? Read on and I will help you set them.

I wrote this book because there’s so much schlocky writing on the web. Increasing sales and leads requires content that blends knowledge of a product or service with three highly specialized and distinct skills: search engine optimization, sales copy writing, and writing for the web. All three of these skills are needed for a high performing website, yet it’s rare that all are found in the same writer.

This book may be short, but it will give you the understanding and skills you need to write content that will increase your online traffic, conversions, or whatever goals you have for your website.

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