Friday, June 8, 2012

The Cobra King by Charlotte Kuchinsky - BONUS KBOD

The Cobra King by Charlotte Kuchinsky
$1.99 (6/8/2012)

When a mysterious fog begins to take over the magical world of Allysia, where Mirabeth Miller goes to escape from the stresses of the real world crumbling around her, the little girl knows that she must do what it takes to save her animal friends from the evil forces behind it. With the help of the Good Witch and the Great Wizard, will she be able to rescue her friends from the Sleeping Swamp in time and defeat the evil Cobra King before he gets to her first? Can Allysia’s tiny protector prevail and save everyone?

Watch as the precocious child navigates health issues and copes with problems that would bury someone five times her age. Will she survive and, if she does, can she win her father’s affection along the way?

Two worlds become inexplicably intertwined to help solve the mysteries of life, love, and friendship in both of them.

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