Saturday, June 16, 2012

Destiny Steps In (When Bad Things Happen....) by Theresa Leschmann - KBOD

Destiny Steps In (When Bad Things Happen.....) by Theresa Leschmann
$2.99 or FREE for Prime Members (6/16/2012)

Short stories dealing with the choices people make when bad things happen. From revenge and misguided youth, to pesky animals and unheeded premonitions, the choices made can often have unforeseen results. Decisions Have Consequences looks at those moments in life when impulse overrides logic and the endgame is somewhat different than expected. Each short story focuses on the journey that results from a choice made, whether split-second or a lifetime in the making – some dark and twisty, others more light-hearted. First volume in a series.


  1. Thanks for the feature, Amy! It really was a fun experience.

  2. All the stories were really good. This was a fun read...


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