Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Prince at the Corner Bakery - KBOD

The Prince at the Corner Bakery by Leta Gail Doerr
$3.82 (6/9/2012)

Lillian Grace Duncan knows she’s in for a long night when a much needed girls-night-out begins with a wedding ring funeral. Hers. She’s worn the ring as a chastity belt for her heart for two years since her divorce. Lilly’s best girlfriends host the funeral hoping she will bury her thoughts of married life six feet under.

As owner of Mom by the Minute, a handy-mom agency, mother of twins and a hormonal fifteen year old (what girl isn’t at that age), Lilly balances work and single motherhood like a trapeze artist.

When a new client falls ill and enlists Lilly’s services to prepare her estate and donate her husband’s treasures to charity, Lilly is forced to work alongside the client’s nephew, Jagger Davis, a thirty-something southerner who returns to his northern roots to care for his ailing aunt.

Freed of her wedding ring and empty hopes for a marriage that once was, Lilly lets her hair down, enjoys nightlife with her girlfriends, shotguns some margaritas, keeps a few secrets, and falls off the wire for The Prince at the Corner Bakery.

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