Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Upsider by Isabel Cuerrier - KBOD

The Upsider by Isabel Cuerrier
$6.99 or FREE for Prime Members (6/20/2012)

Meet Starr: a beautiful young woman, found near death. By the grace of God, Starr is rescued, however, and taken to safety. She awakens to a new world: a world where nothing is even remotely familiar and she knows not a soul. Or does she? This science fiction/love story novel is a poignantly written, heart-felt odyssey that broadens the boundaries of love, loss, and imagination. Join Starr on her journey both inward, and to lands within our own, where she is healed by, and learns many magical lessons from the “Rock People”, who have taken her in. As you walk beside her, you may find yourself recalling a place of long ago, or even that lies ahead, as you raise your level of consciousness along your own path. The Upsider, the first of a trilogy, is breathtaking in its imagery, and transcendental by nature. It is a story of the best kind: the kind begging to be told.

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