Friday, August 24, 2012

3 Free Romantic Comedy Kindle Books

Getting Even by Morgan St. James and Meredith Holland

VP of Finance, Jennifer Hayes, returns to Seattle from a five day conference, ready to enter her office like a triumphant empress returning to her kingdom. Instead the day turns into one of the worst in her life---ever.

Jennifer has gone from a well-paid female executive one minute to a desperate woman the next. Thinking her day can't possibly get any worse, she finds out how wrong she is when she goes home.

The only way to set things straight is to get even, and she uses everything in her power to do just that.

10 Dating Lessons from Sex and the City by Pamela Diane King

10 Dating Lessons from Sex and the City is the essential guide to dating, based on the cult hit Sex and the City. By studying the dating drama and disasters in Sex and the City, women can discover what to do, and what not to do when it comes to dating and relationships. The book provides humorous and practical dating advice for women of all ages written by an author with a degree in Psychology. 

Death by Cake by Melanie Ray

Warning! Foul language can be used. This book is a dark piece of comedy fiction, but the series is romantic as a whole. If you take it seriously, you will fry your brain. Not for children. Also, reading story may make you actually crave sweets.

Hippie hero, death by sweets, never ending childhood for young and old, and an interesting hit on the newest resident? Welcome to Lost Secret girls and boys!

Shari Kari is in trouble. She just broke up with her boyfriend, but now he's got a hit on her. Her supportive sister tells her to get out of Calibri City and into a small safe town: Lost Secret. Famous for being the one-stop drop town for the rich and famous' children. No crime. Where even adults act like children. She finds a friend in Timothy Varmen, and a semi-happy life, until her special condition gets out of control.

Ezekiel is the town's hero. While acting like a big child himself, he's taken on the extra duty of trying to 'save' the new local resident, whether she likes it or not.

In this town, a man must learn to grow up, and a woman must learn to grow down. Scandals, inhibitions, temptations...

A story of childhood...that's not for children.

Book 1 of 3

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