Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blood Melt by Max W. Miller Review

Blood Melt by Max W. Miller

Can a sixteen year old girl really be the help that a warrior prince needs to return to earth? Don't worry readers, even Avani has a hard time believing that she's the one that can save him. With her life in an upturned mess, Avani must make the decision to risk her life in order to save Seth Cometh's life.

What I found truly unique about Blood Melt by Max W. Miller was that it was a romance that even men could enjoy. That's not something you see in most romance novels, especially those written with young adults in mind. However, this novel has enough science fiction flare to be a fun read for both men and women.

I found Blood Melt to be an intriguing read and something that was genuinely unique. I enjoyed the blend of sci-fi and fantasy elements and felt that I was reading something that hadn't been rehashed over and over again.

If you love romance or sci-fi, chances are you will enjoy Blood Melt by Max W. Miller.

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