Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fate Follows Through (When Bad Things Happen) by Theresa Leschmann

Fate Follows Through by Theresa Leschmann
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Life is made up of moments – moments when a single decision can alter the course of a life. From a drive on a snowy, deserted road to a chance to relive one of life’s defining moments, these tales blend the supernatural with everyday events. When bad things happen…just when you think it can’t get any worse… fate often follows through in unexpected ways.

A vicious vampire makes for an unforgiving scorned woman in “It’s Just Another Mile Or So.” A reluctant protégé of the grim reaper makes the ultimate sacrifice in “The Right.” A gold digging wife reflects on her choices in “Mirror, Mirror.” An alcoholic woman meets someone who presents the opportunity to undo the events of her life in “Meryl’s Choice.” Following the worst day of his life, a young man gets an unexpected guest in “Dylan Hooper’s Bad Day.”

Each story places the protagonist in a situation that could forever change their lives. “Fate Follows Through” will leave you wanting more and second guessing your own choices.

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