Monday, September 17, 2012

Monsters & Fairytales by Rebecca Suzanne - FREEBIE

Monsters & Fairytales by Rebecca Suzanne
FREE - 9/17/2012

Mirabelle Frances doesn't expect much from the world. All she wants is to move into her new apartment with everything she and her recently passed mother have ever owned. Not excluding their beloved dog, and now Mirabelle's only friend, Spike. But as it usually went, fate had other plans for her. On moving day she meets not only an Angel truly in human form, but an actual Angel . . . not so much in human form. This Angel on Earth, her dream guy, Joe, stands for everything she thought was missing in this world. He gives new meaning to a life she had lost all hope on. That is of course until Sebastian, her claimed Guardian Angel, has something to say about it. It's not so simple being in love with a man while finding out you're the sole key to the survival of the human race. It's never really ever that simple, now is it?

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