Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Philippine Princess by Emily Tacrayon

Philippine Princess by Emily Tacrayon
$5.99 or FREE for Prime Members - 9/12/2012

Life, Death, Hope, Despair, Tears, Joy, Lonliness and Love - it is all here in Philippine Princess."

Emily was born in the Philippines and, as a young girl, had always dreamed of being a princess. As she grew older and wiser, she decided being a princess was just a dream. Her story is no dream.

After training as a midwife, she travelled overseas to work. Far from her family and friends, she finds life hard, especially when she receives some devastating news about her brother. What will happen to her brother and how will Emily cope.

Follow her journey as she discovers life can be very hard. No matter how hard things become, remember that life can suddenly change.

You do not have to be a princess to have dreams and fall in love. Sometimes your dreams can come true.

Buy Philippine Princess for a wonderful, heart warming story of adventure, friendship, heart-break and finding love.

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