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To Dance in Liradon Book Blast

To Dance In Liradon

Seventeen-year old Brigid O'Flynn is an outcast. A chance encounter with the Faerie Queen left her tainted in the eyes of the villagers, who blame the Faerie for the village’s missing women and children. Desperate to win the village’s acceptance Brigid agrees to marry her childhood friend: Serious, hardworking, Connell Mackenna. But when Connell disappears before their wedding Brigid's hopes are shattered.

Blamed for her fiancé’s death, Brigid fears she will suffer the same fate as the other village outcasts, the mysterious Willow Women. Lured into Liradon by their inhuman lovers, and cast out weak and broken, the Willow Women spend their lives searching for the way back into Faerie. When Connell suddenly reappears Brigid is overjoyed, but everything is not as it seems. Consumed by his desire for beauty and celebration, Connell abandons his responsibilities, and Brigid soon finds herself drawn into a passionate, dangerous world of two.

When Brigid discovers the truth behind Connell's transformation she’s forced to choose between two men and two worlds. Brigid’s struggle leads her into glittering, ruthless Liradon where she must rescue her true love from a terrible sacrifice or lose him forever.  

About Adrienne I think I became a writer because the world inside my head was so real and vivid, sometimes more so than the outside world. In some sense I have lived parallel lives, present in my real and imaginary lives in different ways. Because much of my childhood was spent searching for faeries or reading about them, it is natural that my work would encompass faerie tale themes and other magical elements. In the words of Tennessee Williams, forget reality, give me magic! Adrienne has previously published short stories in The Storyteller, Beginnings Magazine, New Plains Review, and in the e-zines A Fly in Amber, Grim Graffiti, Les Bonnes Fees, The Altruist, The Devilfish Review, and Rose Red Review. Her short story, Falling was awarded second place in the 2008 Alice Munro short fiction contest. To Dance in Liradon is her first published novel. An avid reader of fairy tales and other magical stories, a thread of the mysterious or unexpected runs through all of her work. When she’s not writing Adrienne can be found searching for faeries along with her daughters Callista and Juliet. Purchase - Amazon US / UK - / Barnes & Noble / Kobo
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Let Campus Book Rentals Save You Money

I know first-hand how expensive textbooks can be. I spent several years in college earning two degrees and shudder to think about how much I spent on textbooks that I then sold back to the bookstore at a fraction of the cost. The good news is you don't have to go through the same thing. Thanks to Campus Book Rentals, you can get the books you need at 40-90% off bookstore prices. Let's take a closer look at how you can benefit from this awesome textbook option.

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I decided to do a quick comparison and found that Business Law was $68.01 to rent from Campus Book Rentals, but cost $201.07 to purchase from Amazon.

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You also have the option to rent books for as long as you need. This is very beneficial for those books that can be gone through rather quickly.

Charitable Donations

For each book you rent, the company will donate a portion of the sale to the Operation Smile program, which helps those that don't have the money get surgery to correct cleft lips in their children. Campus Book Rentals has also set aside $90,000 in textbook scholarships.

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Zombie Mama's Guide to Undead Etiquette by Tammy Lee Morris Review

Zombie Mama's Guide to Undead Etiquette by Tammy Lee Morris

So many zombies go through death with a feasting mentality. In fact, food's the only thing that crosses their undead mind. Tammy Lee Morris offers a wonderful self-help guide for the wayward zombie. If you want to turn your undead life around, learn some manners from the Zombie Mama.

A humorous look at zombies that was quite unique. Tammy Lee Morris offers great tips that any zombie will find useful, whether they're freshly dead or morbidly expired. Improve your zombie manners or share it with your uncultured undead friends.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scared: Ten Tales of Horror Review

Scared: The Tales of Horror

With less than a week until Halloween, it's time to break out those creepy books that will help put a chill in your bones. Whether you're afraid of small spaces or witches, Scared offers ten great tales that will spook you without the need for too much blood and gore.

I was really impressed with this collection. While there was one story I had to skip over, most of the stories were page-turners. I especially loved Out of Order by Karen Heard, Life in Miniature by Tracie McBride, and You Have One Message by Jonathan Broughton. I found You Have One Message to be especially creepy because it focuses on such a modern fear.

Scared offers such a diversity of subjects that there is something that almost everyone will find creepy within the pages. However, just be aware that these stories can have a lasting impact. I'm still shuddering over You Have One Message.

I give this collection 4.5 stars. It was one of the best horror collections I've read. With only one story that didn't capture my interest, I was extremely impressed. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good scare this Halloween.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Spirit Box by JH Glaze - FREEBIE

The Spirit Box by JH Glaze
FREE - 10/24/2012

When Walt Turner’s mother died, he inherited her apartment and the antique shop below. After losing his job due to the treachery of a co-worker, The Spirit Box calls to him from the darkness of the shop with an offer of revenge.

Lured by the promise of ultimate power and eternal life by the prisoner inside the box, Walt agrees to help it gather the final spirits it requires to return to human form.

John Hazard is investigating a series of murders and missing persons in this otherwise quiet town. His perceptions of reality are about to be altered in a life changing confrontation that will force him beyond the boundaries of darkness and ancient evil.

It is a spiraling descent into madness, where you may have everything you desire, if only you are willing to sacrifice all that you believe.

When you look into The Spirit Box, be prepared to have more than your breath taken away.

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The Last Friends of Willie Coyote Screenplay - FREE
The Last Friends of Willie Coyote Screenplay

Were you a fan of the old Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner cartoons? Then why not check out this screenplay that brings the action to life? In this live-action screenplay, you'll get a different look at the Coyote and Roadrunner's friends. Best of all, you can read it for free on the website as a flip book.

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The Silver Cross Book Tour

The Silver Cross 

The Silver Cross

There are two things Boston detective Lacey Gardner knows about killing vampires. Slicing off a head or a hit directly to the heart are the only surefire ways to kill one. Silver is their Achilles heel. A vampire never wears silver. When she meets bartender extraordinaire, Damon Harte, her heart does a quickstep for the dark hunky guy. She's learned the hard way that having a love interest in her line of work can be heart-wrenching. She's kept to herself for years, but something about Damon captivates her and draws her to him. When she learns Damon's devastating secret, she knows what she has to do: kill the man who has stolen her heart. Purchase now on Amazon. Follow the Authors, Debra L. Martin and David W. Small on their Blog, Facebook, Twitter Tour Prize - $50 Amazon GC and 5 ebooks Open Internationally Ends 11/26 Fill out the form below to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

3 Awesome Kindle Books by Lisa Scott

Lisa Scott enjoys writing short romantic fiction that women can't get enough of. The following are just three awesome Kindle books by this wonderful author. Be sure to check them out!

15 Shads of Pink: 15 Romantic Short Stories From the Flirts! Collections

15 Shades Of Pink includes all the stories from: Flirts!, Beach Flirts!, and Fairy Tale Flirts! (That’s five stories in each volume. Each short is 8,000-13,000 words long.) But fair warning: the only cheeks that turn pink in these stories are the ones above the shoulders.

Holiday Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories

Get in the holiday spirit with these funny, sweet romantic short stories. Discover the loose thread that connects the stories and ties up in a perfect happy ending, bringing together characters from all the stories. 8,000 to 12,000 words in length each, these fun and sexy shorts are the perfect length for your lunch break. Plus, it's cheaper than dashing off to the coffee shop--with fewer calories.

The stories include:

“Spooked by Love”
After divorcing her husband, Marnie’s afraid to trust her heart again. Her ex is moving on fine, but she hasn’t even been on her first post-divorce date. She can’t handle another break-up. Then she meets a hot single dad at her daughter’s Halloween party and he’s got his eye on Marnie. The only problem: he claims he’s just out for fun. Is anything scarier than giving romance a second chance?

“Holiday Rush”
A Black Friday shopping-trip-gone-wrong loses Lindy her job, her guy, and her dignity. Then it gets worse—she has no choice but to take a job she loathes. But there’s one bonus in the deal: a seriously hot boss who might help her feel that holiday rush again.

“Missing Christmas”
Is Ginny just homesick, or did she make the mistake of her life? Ginny’s spending her first Christmas away from home, but she’s not feeling the spirit of the season. She moved down south to be with her boyfriend, and now she’s having serious regrets about leaving her family and friends behind. Does new love trump twenty-three years of holiday tradition?

“Tingle All The Way”
Jessica has never bought into the magic of Christmas, but when a mistaken call to 911 ruins the holiday for Morgan, the little girl next door, Jessica will do everything she can to make it up to her—and to Morgan’s hottie uncle. Can Jessica turn her worst Christmas ever into the best one yet?

“Giving Up Guys”
Three friends, one vow, and a drunken toast. These gals are giving up guys for their New Year’s resolution. During the next six weeks, they’ll pursue something besides men—like new hobbies and classes. Good luck with that, ladies.

More Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories

Five sweet and sassy romantic short stories that stand alone but also link together when read as a collection. Life and love is a lot trickier for the Carter kids after a surprise multi-million dollar inheritance. Follow the five brothers and sisters through their rocky romances, disaster dates, and happy endings.

“Pickup Lessons” 12,000 words

Stone Kinney may have his PhD in astrophysics, but he knows nothing about women. He thinks argyle socks scream sexy. When Kyla Carter overhears his pathetic pickup lines, she agrees to give him lessons on how to get a girl. But nothing she does helps him snag a date. Of course, maybe there’s a reason for that…

“Ex Therapy” 9,000 words

All of Aubrey Carter’s relationships have ended with her getting dumped, and she can’t understand why. Her therapist suggests she interview her exes to learn what keeps going wrong so she can get things right with the next guy. The biggest surprise? Her old boyfriends aren’t quite what she remembered.

“Mr. Wrong” 10,000 words

Diana Hart is a relationship therapist desperate for her own happy ending. But her deadbeat father inspired her to put her career first and never rely on a man. When she signs a publishing deal, she agrees to search for Mr. Wrong so she can document her dating don’ts. It’s certainly a bad time to meet Mr. Right, Toby Carter, who’s looking for his own perfect match.

“I Know Who You Kissed Last Night” 8,000 words
Eric Carter kissed the woman of his dreams last night, but there’s one problem—he was too drunk to remember who she was. His best friend, Emily, knows very well who he kissed—it was her. But if he finds out, their relationship might be ruined forever.

“The Girl In The Pink Hat” 11,000 words
Zoe is fulfilling her late cousin’s bucket list that’s filled with dares, travel, and surprises—stuff Zoe would normally never do. When Zoe spots herself described in a Craigslist missed connections ad, skydiving and tattoos are no longer the most thrilling things in her world. It might be time for Zoe to dream bigger.

Lisa Scott Discusses Fun Size Fiction

Take a look at my author page onAmazon and you’ll see that all of my books are short stories or collections. (Fine, there’s a novella in there, too.) Maybe it’s because I worked in TV news for years and was limited to telling stories in short, ninety-second reports. Maybe it’s because I’m short—and so is my temper. Nah, I just enjoy writing short stories. (My stories are each 8,000-13,000 words in length so technically, they’re novelettes. But that sounds like a feminine product to me, so I call them short stories.) 

 I bundle them in collections of five related stories I call Flirts! My collections have a neat twist—the short stories in each collection build on each other, and characters show up in other stories, all making an appearance in the fab happy ending. I’ve gotten so many emails from readers who thought they’d never enjoy a short story but discover they love them: readers who squeeze them in during kids’ sports practices or their lunch breaks; readers who don’t have time for a novel; readers who devour the whole darn collection in one sitting—and then bug me to hurry up and write another.

So far, I’ve released Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stores, Beach Flirts!, Holiday Flirts!, Fairy Tale Flirts!, Wedding Flirts! and most recently More Flirts! And yes, I have plans for more. Reunion Flirts! is up next.

I do write longer fiction. My debut romance novel, No Foolin’, comes out from Bell Bridge Books November 25th, 2012. I’ve written two short story prequels in anticipation of that book (“A Fine How-De-Do” and “A Little Hanky-Panky.”) 

Yeah, I like my shorts, and maybe you will too, even if you swear short fiction isn’t your thing. Give it a try. Two of my shorts are free right now: “The Hot Girl’s Friend” (a 4-star average on itunes with 741 ratings.) That’s from my very first collection, Flirts! And “My Fake Fiancé” (4 stars on itunes with 228 ratings) is free right now, too, from the Wedding Flirts! collection. They’re both free on most ebook outlets right now. Think of it as my little fun size treat for you this Halloween. (We don’t give away those big bars at my house; we get hundreds of trick-or-treaters each year.) Enjoy! And hopefully you’ll discover a new format to love.

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Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas by Pardu Ponnapalli Book Trailer

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas by Pardu Ponnapalli

This is the 3rd edition of this book. The 3rd edition contains an additional chapter on Japan, the tsunami and nuclear reactor safety. This book is about thoughts and ideas on a wide range of subjects. The topics include building a space elevator, new approaches to space travel, Star Trek reboot themes, ideas for energy conservation, what to do about our federal debt, modifying the game of chess and others.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Mustard Seed by Antuan Simmons - FREEBIE

The Mustard Seed by Antuan Simmons
FREE 10/19 - 10/21

“The Mustard Seed” is a great book of inspiration. It has stories of wisdom and a love for life. You will read it, and get a greater positive perspective on the world. It tells about prayer, meditation, spirituality, and how we should count our everyday blessings. Once you read the “The Mustard Seed” you will grow wiser, enlightened, and appreciative. The book speaks on how to handle failure, how life is a gift, the importance of prayer, and how we should cherish life. The book is good if you are depressed, and if your heart needs filled with hope. A great gift book to pass on to a friend who is seeking spiritual comfort. Read, and learn, what having the “faith of a mustard” seed all is about. “The Mustard Seed” is your light in darkness.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary Book Blast



Once Upon a Midnight Dreary

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary is a collection of seven short stories with a spooky edge.  

Carnival of Darkness by Stephanie Nelson (Author of the Gwen Sparks & Anna Avery series) Andee Baker met the man of her dreams and then made a complete fool out of herself. She thought she would never see him again until her best friend, Claire, got an invitation for both of them to attend the Carnival of Darkness from the guy Andee couldn’t stop thinking about. They jump at the opportunity to go, but even before Andee crosses the entrance, she realizes there's something peculiar about the carnival. The ticket master's red eyes and the waltzing ghost are anything but cheesy special effects. Andee discovers at the Carnival of Darkness not everything is as it seems.  

Machado by Lola James (Author of the Spellbound & Fate series) A weekend of fun, romance, and ghost stories at abeautiful beachside hotel was the plan. But Mackenzie had a bad feeling about the trip since the moment her husband and friends brought it up. The Machado Inn was a place where legends came to life and the past roamed the hallways. Guests came to stay the night, but few made it out alive. The Visitor by Liz Schulte (Author of the Guardian Trilogy and Dark Corners) Reverend Black hated storms. Rumbles from the Heavens promised violence and retribution this night, but he could only watch as the blackness descended. The tempest did not come alone. A visitor walked before it—patient and silent. The torrential downpour would wash away the mask, the gales would tear away carefully constructed lies, and the flashes of light would expose the truth—a truth that wouldn’t set him free.  

Miss Stake by C.G. Powell (Author of the No Uncertain Logic series) Alligators, snakes, and old boyfriends...Oh my. The swamp is a dangerous place, but it’s nothing Veronica can’t handle. That is until a weekend in the marshes brings to light a whole new set of dangers. Now that the supernatural cat is out of the bag, Veronica’s life will never be the same.  

Dark Road Winding by Olivia Hardin (Author of the Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy) Johana Hall has her hands full juggling personal life and her public relations career in Washington DC. The last thing she needs is to get called back to Texas because her Grandpa H.M. believes he’s being haunted. Adult Protective Services wants to put the elderly ex-con in a nursing home, but mysterious happenings at the homestead convince Johana he isn’t as crazy as everyone thinks. Getting to the bottom of the local legend is the least of her worries when she realizes someone is willing to go to any means to get her grandpa off Sara Jane Road. Can she figure things out before it’s too late?  

Redeemed by Mandie Stevens Eva never claimed to be a good guardian angel, but she tries. After losing two charges, the Powers That Be have begun to doubt her abilities. To redeem herself, Eva sets out to rescue Elsie, granddaughter of the former king of the Fae. A Demon has kidnapped Elsie to complete an ancient ritual that will allow them to slip through the veil between Earth and Hell on Halloween. With unlikely friends in tow—a human liaison, a fallen angel, and a powerful yet distractingly charming vampire—Eva is in a race against time. Save Elsie, save the world—and her job.  

Vicis by Cait Lavender (Author of the Lupine Moon Series) Raised captive by a powerful corporation named Vicis, life inside the facility was all 56 knew until she met Adam. When she's slated to be euthanized, no longer considered a valuable asset for the company, she takes her life into her own hands. With her considerable abilities and Adam’s help, 56 will fight to free them both from Vicis’ clutches and learn to feel something she's always been denied: Love.

7 Stories only $3.99 Kindle / Nook /Smashwords Blast starts Oct 18. Open US Prizes include - Nevermore messenger bag, $25 Amazon Gc, coffee cup and postcards, Nevermore pendant, Nevermore T-Shirt, 1 Tree pendant, 3 bracelets, and 2 totes

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Subscribe to the Suffrage Wagon News Channel Blog

Suffrage Wagon News Channel Blog
$0.99 per month

Learn why you need to respect the women that came before you by voting this November.

News of the woman's suffrage movement, the campaign for the 19th amendment, and the suffrage campaign wagon used by Edna Buckman Kearns

Kindle blogs are fully downloaded onto your Kindle so you can read them even when you're not wirelessly connected. And unlike RSS readers which often only provide headlines, blogs on Kindle give you full text content and images, and are updated wirelessly throughout the day.

Pre-Order Sins of the Father: The Bourbon Street Ripper Today!

Pre-order for $2.99 - Releases on Halloween

If you're ready for a book that will really give you chills the Halloween, Sins of the Father: The Bourbon Street Ripper by Leo King will certainly leave you chilled to the bone. Centered around serial killers, the monsters in this book seem all too real and will leave you looking over your shoulder for weeks to come.

In 1972, the city of New Orleans was terrorized by a serial killer known as the Bourbon Street Ripper. Although he was captured, convicted, and executed, his deeds left a scar on the city.

Now, twenty years later, the murders have started again, and the secrets of the past, left buried for so long, must be uncovered in order to stop this new horror.

From author Leo King comes a gritty tale of murder, mystery and suspense set in the Big Easy.

Sins of the Father: The Bourbon Street Ripper will be released on Halloween 2012.

Pre-Order Today and Get 10% Off Plus a Free eBook!!!

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Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory Review

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory

Jolie Wilkins led a fairly normal, albeit boring, life. Okay, maybe it wasn't "normal" normal, but it certainly was more normal than her life would be in the future. As a psychic, Jolie has seen the future, but what was missing was the images of her own future. Had anyone told her that seeing a ghost would lead to a new life filled with vampires, warlocks, fairies, and werewolves, she'd have thought they were nuts, but sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

I became a fan of H.P. Mallory a year or so ago when I discovered her Dulcie O'Neil series. I was skeptical to whether or not I would love this series as much. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised. I love how this series has more fantastical elements. The description of the fairy village, for example, was beautiful. Of course, the real star of the series is Rand. An unbelievably sexy character, Rand certainly gives Knight from the Dulcie O'Neil series a run for his money.

I highly recommend the Jolie Wilkins series to anyone that loves paranormal romance and urban fantasy. H.P. Mallory is one of the most amazing authors of this century and definitely an author you can't afford to miss.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lady Luck Runs Out Book Blast and Giveaway


Lady Luck Runs Out 

Lady Luck Runs Out

Fall tourist season in St. Pete has kicked into high gear for Darwin Winters, pet psychic, but that doesn't stop her from getting tangled up in a new murder investigation. Rose Faraday, a gypsy fortune teller, has succumbed to a rattlesnake bite in her own condo. After a run-in with the victim's traumatized cat, Darwin knows it was no freak accident. Can she find a way to prove it? Or will the killer get lucky and get away with murder?  

Follow the author, Shannon Esposito Website / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads




The contest is open to US/ Can residents. Ends October 30 Fill out the form below to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Time for Death (Liz Baker Book 1) by Christie Silvers

Time for Death (Liz Baker Book 1) by Christie Silvers

Liz Baker thought it would be a normal evening of sex in a cemetery with her beau, until she spotted someone in the distance and all normality in her world ceased to exist. After several murders in her small town, Liz comes to the realization that the murderer is coming after her, and he's more dangerous than any human could possibly be. With the help of her dead mother, bar bouncer, and cemetery lover, Liz learns that the murdering vampire was sent by her biological father to claim her as his own. Only then does she discover her real parentage and underlying special powers. Only death will release her from Marcus's powerful hold, but who will die first?

Killer Intentions (Liz Baker Book 3) by Christie Silvers Excerpt

Killer Intentions (Liz Baker Book 3) by Christie Silvers

He reached over. I flinched unwillingly as he slid a cold finger across my cheek in a mock expression of fatherly concern. I jerked my face away from his hand and returned his gesture with what I hoped translated as an expression of pure hatred and disgust. "Don't touch me," I hissed.

His jaw clinched and he sighed unhappily. "I had hoped this would be easier when the time came." He turned his back to me and took a few steps away. "Unfortunately, I now see that you won't be as easy as I thought. But nonetheless, I'll get you where I want you to be soon enough."

"What does that even mean?" I shouted. "What does any of this have to do with Jesika? Why did you send Marcus to enslave me? What about Cole McIntosh? Did you send him to kill me too?"

A spark of confusion slipped onto his face, for just a split second, before he wiped it away as fast as it had appeared. "I don't know any Cole McIntosh. And as for Marcus, I lost my connection with him. Would you happen to know why?"

I smirked with satisfaction. "I'm just going to assume it's because I killed him and burned his body in a cabin in the mountains." Nodding smugly, I added, "Yeah, I guess that would be a good way to lose your connection to him."

A low growl vibrated from Gregory's throat. His strange eyes flickered from crystal blue to a dark amethyst. "That is not possible. Marcus was a better warrior than that. You'd never be able to kill him. Unless . . ."

His face went all distant and thoughtful. He stroked his hairless chin like an old man stroking a beard. "Hm . . .," he started and then stopped. "Plans never go as expected, but this a new one. Even for one as old as me. I'll have to think on this a while, my dear daughter." He looked up at me with contempt and interest all at the same time. "I hope you've enjoyed the beach while you could. I never expected you'd take my bait so easily though. Leaving all those closest to you home alone."

What? He'd planned for me to come here? It was all just a trick to get me away from home? No, surely he wouldn't have known I'd come here. I'd only known about him being in Savannah after being possessed by Amelia. She'd given me this information in return for using my body to kill Cole. Gregory couldn't have known I'd gotten that information.

"I'll see you soon, my daughter," Gregory cheerfully added.

"No! Wait!"

But it was too late. He was gone in the blink of an eye and a gust of wind that stirred my hair.

Favorite Horror Books: Guest Post From Christie Silvers

A big thanks to Amy for inviting me to be a guest blogger here on A Girl and Her Kindle! *Big Smooches*

In honor of Halloween, I've been asked to share my favorite horror books of all time. It took me a while to think about this list because I don't really read a lot of "horror". Most of my reading leans more toward urban/paranormal fantasy...just like my writing. However, there have been a few horror stories I've enjoyed over the years and here are my top 5, in no particular order other than when they came to mind while I was typing the list. ;)

1. Dracula by Bram Stoker: No vampire fan should ever go throughout life without reading Dracula.

2. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley: While my general genre is all about vampires, I still have a place in my reading and writing for other "monsters."

3. Bloodbreeders by Robin Renee Ray: Actually, I love anything Robin writes, but I like this particular series best of all.

4. Consequences: A Short Story Anthology by Angel Sharum, Lucinda Gunnin, Steven Thor Gunnin, Laurie Darroch-Meekis and Amy Browne

5. Misery by Stephen King: This book freaked me out as a teenager. And yet, I couldn't stop reading it. When the movie came out I watched it, even though I already knew the story was gruesome. While the movie was good, the book was scarier.

I like to read horror, and love to watch horror movies, but you won't find me willingly going into the "haunted" houses during the Halloween season. Reading and watching are fun, but having people purposely trying to scare the hell out of me is another issue entirely. Nope, not my thing. When Tim and I were first married he nearly punched a guy in a haunted house because the guy grabbed Tim. I wonder how many times that happens during the month of October. Eek!

Anyway, I hope all of you have a happy Halloween and be sure to check out the Rafflecopter below for your chance at winning an e-copy of the third book in my Liz Baker series, Killer Intentions. And be sure to stop by my blog for a chance at my big Halloween giveaway. I do one every year and this time is no different. One lucky winner will receive all three Liz Baker books in print, autographed. As well as a lot of other goodies.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Host the Ultimate Halloween Party - FREEBIE!

Host the Ultimate Halloween Party by Brian Night
FREE - 10/14/2012

It's that time of the year again, and if you are going to host the best Halloween party in your neighborhood, you better have a plan. With our years of experience planning and hosting Halloween parties and events, we have put together the ultimate guide to hosting a Halloween party. No matter if you are a seasoned host, or you are going to plan your first party, this guide will make sure you are the talk of the town. From glow in the dark bottles, to bleeding candles, to flying ghosts, your party will be the best Halloween party ever!

In this guide you will learn different tips and techniques that will allow you to turn your event location into a eerie haunted house. You will learn how take your party to the next level with different decorations, Halloween themed foods, and games that are both adult and kid friendly.

The best part of this guide, is that you won't need to hurt your wallet to throw the best party of the year. All these tips are all 100% cash friendly. We keep your budget in mind throughout the whole guide, and you will find that most of these tips cost little to nothing at all. They all can be completed with a little creativity and some arts and craft work.

Avoid the disappointment of your guests when they show up and find out your party is the same old fashioned Halloween party. Nothing is worst then guests standing around wondering how they can come up with an excuse to leave your party. With these tips and tricks, we will guarantee that you will throw the best Halloween party, and you will be getting compliments from your guests all night long. You will be the talk of the town, as guests wonder how you created such a wonderful and unique themed party. They may think you spent a fortune, but don't tell them your real secret: You downloaded and followed this guide!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Make a Haunted House - FREEBIE!

How to Make a Haunted House by J.B. Corn and Vladimir Lee
FREE - 10/13/2012

Haunted Houses Ideas? Want to make a Real Haunted House this Halloween?

Hi, I'm Vladimir Lee and have designed and built more than my fair share of professional haunted houses as well as scared the crap out of all the kids in my neighborhood who have dared to come by trick-or-treating.

If You are decorating a home haunt or a "For PROFIT" Dark Attraction, this book is a MUST HAVE!

You'll get Ideas for props, scenes, scares, rooms... how-to drawings & details showing you EXACTLY what to do to build your own home OR pro haunted house.

ALSO you're going to get the "confessions of a haunted house owner" giving you real live case studies on haunts to see what worked and what didn't.

This book is Perfect for home haunters, Halloween enthusiasts and professional haunters alike.

As a FREE BONUS we're also including the legendary J.B. Corn's work "How To Build a Portable, Modular Dark Attraction" that goes over in detail EXACTLY how to build your own haunted house.

Here's what you'll learn, how to...

- build walls
- build windows
- construction concepts
- hidden doors
- revolving walls
- boo units
- lava floors
- professional facade
- cave walls
- splatter painting
- mad science laboratory
- hospital / prison control room
- tombstones
- fence / graveyard
- coffins
- ghost illusions
- dual ghosts
- surprise ghosts
- human transformation

AND SYSTEMS for your haunt, such as:
- triangular design system
- sound system
- power system
- lighting system
- backup system
- fire sprinkler system
- fire alarm system

PLUS Scare Design
- tactics
- misdirection
- control
- anticipation
- customer psychology
- haunt look

...and dozens of other ideas that have been proven to work year after year, plus other safety tips and construction PHOTOS.

This literally has sold for hundreds of dollars.

Now you can get everything for a couple of bucks along with my no holds-barred case studies of actual haunted houses, all to honor his memory.

For the home, for the Pro's, learn everything you'd like to know about building a real haunted house.

How to Find a Midwife and Doula by Petra Ortiz

How to Find a Midwife and Double by Petra Ortiz
$2.99 - 10/13/2012

The reason I wrote this book was because I wanted to provide a way for pregnant individuals (or couples) who are considering natural childbirth options, to be able locate a midwife and / or doula more easily, and know what to expect during the entire process (from the first interview to the postpartum stage) before actually embarking on that search. I also wanted to explain exactly what that support entails. Because they do in fact provide two different types of support for you (and your partner).

In short, I want you to be much more prepared than I was.

From the Introduction: In this book, you will learn what a Midwife is, and what a Doula is—and more importantly, what they can do for you, how they can support you, and how to locate either or both to discuss your pursuit of a natural childbirth. You are encouraged to locate and interview one or both, in your area after reading this work. You will learn what to expect from a Midwife or Doula during the prenatal, labor & delivery, and postpartum stages of your pregnancy, and receive heartfelt advice on your new ‘job’ as a parent. There is no doubt you will want to discuss where you would like to give birth [whether that be at your home, a hospital, or a birthing center (a medical center, but in a home-type setting), how to write your own birth plan, methods of pain relief, coping skills, nutrition needs and more. By interviewing, and gathering information from across the country [and UK] for this book, I hope that by the time you finish reading it, your top questions and concerns have been answered well, and that new ideas have manifested a feeling of empowerment in you. Natural childbirth is loosely defined as labor and childbirth without medical intervention, meaning, that no drugs are given to relieve pain, nor aid in the birth process. It is considered the safest method for the baby, and is based on the notion that women who are adequately prepared, are able (innately) to give birth to their child, in an unrestricted manner; they are usually assisted by a Midwife and / or Doula. In my opinion, this is the only way that one can become ‘adequately prepared’. A Birth Plan is usually created during your visit, which lists what your wishes are for your actual delivery experience. It is a written list of your preferences.

Nowadays, there are many more midwives and doulas to assist you. But if you have never called upon one for assistance, never had one help you deliver your baby, or provide pain relief options for you, or provide guidance and support for your partner-I hope that this book will help you make the decision to consider trying one or both. And I never ever want Dads to be left out so I have some special info for you in here too.

Friday, October 12, 2012

46 Cheap Halloween Costumes by Lynn Copeland - FREEBIE

46 Cheap Halloween Costumes by Lynn Copeland
FREE - 10/12/2012

Growing tired of spending a fortune on the same Halloween costumes as all of the other kids?

Want your kids to be able to have some creativity and originality in their Halloween costumes?

This is very easy to do by simply purchasing "46 Cheap Halloween Costumes: How to Trick or Treat with Common Sense!" right now.

I am a mother of three who remembers Halloween costumes of my youth withjoy and reverence. This wasn't because they were the most expensive or flashy costumes, but because they were made by me!

You can bring this kind of joy and excitement into your life and your kid's lives by buying this book and making some cheap and easy Halloween costumes.

Do you want to continue to spend over $30 at Walmart and get the same old poor quality, cheap junk that will likely break before Halloween is over? Or, do you want to create a lasting Halloween memory out of items you already own or can buy for under $20?

I know my answer, what is yours?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skid by Doug Solter - FREEBIE!

Skid by Doug Solter
FREE! - 10/10/2012 - 10/11/2012

Synopsis: Samantha Sutton drove the car that killed her dad. Now the
seventeen-year-old can’t rest until she becomes the racing champion her
dad molded her to be. Samantha exploits the system and earns a spot on a
German racing team struggling to be relevant against the elite teams of
Formula 1.

Samantha pushes herself, pushes her car, pushes her luck at 200 miles per
hour. She battles Emilio Ronaldo, seven time world champion and Ferrari
racing god. A hero to young girl, but now a rival to a young woman.

To keep herself sane, Samantha relies on her best friend Manny. But she
doesn’t know quite what to do about his deep feelings for her. She would
love to ask her sisters for advice, but they won’t talk to her. Not since
Samantha told them the truth about Dad’s accident. The truth about that
dark and rainy night.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Curse of the Ice Dragon by Tara West Promo Blast

Curse of the Ice DragonCurse of the Ice Dragon

From the bestselling YA paranormal author of The Whispers Series comes a new fantasy saga. Born with mark of the Mighty Hunter, Markus saves his village from the brink of starvation --for whenever he releases an arrow, his aim is true. But for all of his skill and strength, Markus doesn't dare stand up to his abusive father. Shamed by his cowardice, he seeks distraction by needlessly shooting the forest creatures. The village prophet warns Markus that the Ice Goddess will unleash The Hunter’s Curse. For every animal Markus kills, a person he loves will suffer the same fate. When Markus takes no heed, The Goddess unleashes her ice dragon. Now Markus must flee the dragon without killing it ... or his beloved brother will be the next to die.

Author Tara West


Author Tara West Former Texas high school teacher, I enjoyed coaching the writing team and even the hectic deadlines that came with running the school publications. After taking a break to raise my baby girl, I now work from home as a novelist and a part-time graphic designer. In my spare time, I love to read, exercise and spend time with my family and friends.

Follow Tara West: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Website The author will be giving away $50 Amazon gift card, five signed books, and ebooks Fill out the form below to enter. Open Internationally or wherever you can use Amazon GCs. The signed books are open to members of the US.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Guest Post From Michele Richard

Healing the Faith Tour

Life and times of a publisher/author/wife/mother

Hello everyone!

As usual I am wearing my track shoes and running around like a crazy woman! Where to begin? Well — let me say this has been a wild few years!

Now with four novels and three short stories in publication, I am as busy as ever. Happily I might add. Yes — I love being everywhere and doing everything.

Time management has always been the biggest hurdle to climb. I have two children who need a chauffeur, and a husband who only takes out the trash. I have a small indie publishing house, Renaissance Romance Publishing, that is really taking off and needs my attention in all departments. Thankfully my partners and our staff have been a huge help. But still I need to find time to continue to create my novels. So, yes — time is a commodity in my world.

Seriously, being a published author comes with responsibilities that can't be overlooked.

My day begins at seven am and ends around two am. Sleep is highly overrated! So is eating.

Once the kids are off to school you'd think a nap should come next. I wish!

Marketing and house business come with a heavy dose of iced tea.

Okay nap time yet? Nope!

With the kids still at school I manage to get a few hours of writing before I grab them and either come home for homework while I clean or I drop them off at what activities they have for the afternoon.

Now time for a break?

Sorry, it's time to grab the kids and start cooking dinner. Dinner my house is mandatory so ya! I get to eat, because chances are good I'd forgotten to do that.

With a ten and thirteen year old you'd think dishes would a deserved break. Yeah, well — only if your my husband and kids. I do those, too.

At nine the kids finally join their father upstairs to watch TV and now I get to write into the wee hours of the morning.

So there you have it: the relaxing life of a published author/publisher/wife/mother.

No, that wasn't a rant, to me every second is one I am at the happiest. I love my family, my job, and my life. There is nothing that would make me want to give up any of them. Follow your heart and if its writing pour everything you have into.

Thanks again!

Michele Richard

About Healing the Faith by Michele Richard

Book Synopsis

Just saying “I do” was only the beginning for Alexia and Justin McNear. Now when their lives, loves, and faith are left in turmoil, they will have to fight even harder to heal themselves and their faith. Can two people already struggling help heal the communities they call home?

How do you rebuild after the loss of a child? After suffering a tragedy, are these two lost to each other forever?

With all the church’s money missing, the hunt for the tyrant ex-minister Mark will take Justin and his twin cousins away from their secluded, gated community and into the real world while leaving their wives behind to pick up the pieces. Can Justin survive it again?

Or will returning to the retreat that once abused him be his end?

Alexia, Madison, and Ginger will need to be strong and independent with their men gone. Left to raise their child alone, Alexia will make decisions that will affect their marriage and lives. Will they be the right ones?

Raised in a community where the men run everything, these three families will have to fight to survive the coming changes.

The temptations run high in this sequel to Mocked by Faith, but hope is not lost, and they will learn how to heal their faith.

Author Information

Michele Richard lives in a suburb of Boston, Mass. She’s the mother of two pre-teen daughters and the wife.
Michele Richard has created the Mocked series. From Mocked by Destiny to the trilogy Mocked by Faith, she writes what comes from the heart. A wife and the mother of two preteen girls, she spends her days spinning tales about what happens when what you believe in mocks your every turn. 

When she’s not writing, her days are filled with her family, her bunny Geneva, and friends. Her greatest passions are learning new languages and traveling. She currently resides in the Northeastern part of the United States however; her family members live down the east coast as far as North Carolina.

She’s currently learning French and Spanish, and one day hopes to be fluent in both. Learning new things is always something she enjoys.

Author Links

Friday, October 5, 2012

Easy Halloween Costumes by Martha Steel - FREEBIE

Easy Halloween Costumes by Martha Steel
FREE - 10/5/2012

Planning a Halloween costume is fun for kids but can be stressful for busy Moms. Trying to come up with cool ideas for homemade Halloween costumes can be hard, especially if you have several goblins to clothe, and the prices charged in stores for premade costumes can run $30-$50 or more!

In this book we have gathered together some great Halloween costumes for babies, toddlers and older kids that are easy to make and should certainly get them noticed when they are out for a night of Trick or Treating, attending a party, or dressing up for school.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

35 Halloween Recipes for the Faint of Heart - FREEBIE

35 Halloween Recipes for the Faint of Heart
FREE - 10/3/2012

35 Halloween Recipes For The Faint Of Heart: Recipe Ideas for Halloween Parties, Dinner and Appetizers

Are you looking for some Halloween recipe ideas that will go over big with both the children and adults attending your Halloween party this October 31st?

Well, this cookbook should satisfy almost any creature - big or small.

Yes, All Hallows Eve is fast approaching and every mom wants to please not only their kids, but all the other kids (big and little) who come knocking on their door with their trick or treat bag.

The little monsters want cupcakes, cookies and snacks or they might decide to give you a trick!

But, when you are ready for some adult food to serve your Halloween party guests, you'll find plenty of quick and easy dinner recipe ideas for them too!

These include party foods such as dinner recipes or appetizer treats and even chili for that fire breathing, fast eating dragon.

Now, I've spent quite a bit of time researching and compiling this cookbook with some delicious food along with snacks following a Halloween theme.

In this cookbook, you'll find a collection of 35 Halloween recipes and appetizers that are easy and fun to make.

This spooky recipe cook book includes:

- Pumpkin Pudding for Goblins
- Monster Mash Burgers
- Spooky Graveyard Treats
- Pumpkin Filled Cupcakes
- Noodle Brain Prank
- Plus 30 more!!!!

So, start planning your Halloween party today and be prepared with some delicious recipe ideas for all the ghosts, goblins, witches and other spooks coming to your dinner table.

Be sure and grab a costume to complete your party and eat well this Halloween.

To download your Halloween recipe cookbook just go to the top of this page and click the orange buy button. You can get started in about 3 seconds!

Get your copy now before the ghosts and goblins come out!

Revamp by Beck Sherman - FREEBIE

Revamp by Beck Sherman
FREE - 10/3/2012


News reporters scrambled. This was the biggest story to come along in weeks.

They called it a blackout.

The last one was in New York City in 2003, but this one was different, special, because the grids in six major cities across the country had been fried, kaput, see-you-next-Sunday. Everyone with some jurisdiction blamed each other, and when there was no one left to blame, terrorism rode in on its gallant steed.

It was the media’s fault. They were so busy stuffing fanatical Muslims with a penchant for Allah and decapitations down the American citizen’s throat, that they never saw it coming. I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them.

They were partially right.

It was terror after all, but a whole new kind. And when the lights came back on, things had changed.

The dark had brought us visitors.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fated Family by Michelle Devon - FREEBIE!

Fated Family by Michelle Devon
FREE - 10/2/2012

Luck seems in short supply for homeless runaway Joanna. Living in a shed with no electricity or running water, she’s cold, hungry, dirty, and desperate. She's not desperate enough to go back to the angry fists, boots, or whatever else Carlos might throw at her; and not desperate enough to go back to a mother who never really wanted her and barely acknowledges she exists.

It’s not the life she hoped for or dreamed of, especially now that she has a baby of her own on the way, but it’s her life, of her own choosing. She's going to have a family of her own, even if it is only her and her little one against the world.

Sometimes, where luck fails, fate steps in.

Monday, October 1, 2012

H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Collection

H.P. Lovecraft: The Complete Collection

Signature Edition and Miskatonic University Press are proud to present: H.P. Lovecraft The Complete Collection

Included in this collection are all of Lovecraft's prominent works and a plethora of his rare works and collaborations.

Table of Contents


At the Mountains of Madness
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
The Colour Out of Space
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
The Dreams in the Witch House
The Dunwich Horror
Herbert West — Reanimator
The Horror at Red Hook
The Shadow out of Time
The Shadow Over Innsmouth
The Shunned House
The Whisperer in Darkness

Short Stories

The Alchemist
The Beast in the Cave
Beyond the Wall of Sleep
The Book
The Call of Cthulhu
The Cats of Ulthar
Cool Air
The Descendant
The Doom That Came to Sarnath
The Evil Clergyman
Ex Oblivione
Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family
The Festival
From Beyond
The Haunter of the Dark
The History of the Necronomicon
The Hound
In the Vault
The Little Glass Bottle
The Lurking Fear
The Moon-Bog
The Music of Erich Zann
The Mysterious Ship
The Mystery of the Grave-Yard
The Nameless City
Old Bugs
The Other Gods
The Outsider
Pickman's Model
The Picture in the House
The Quest of Iranon
The Rats in the Walls
A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson
The Secret Cave
The Silver Key
The Statement of Randolph Carter
The Strange High House in the Mist
The Street
Sweet Ermengarde
The Temple
The Terrible Old Man
The Thing on the Doorstep
The Tomb
The Transition of Juan Romero
The Tree
The Unnamable
The Very Old Folk
What the Moon Brings
The White Ship

Collaborations and Rare Stories

The Battle That Ended the Century
The Challenge from Beyond
Collapsing Cosmoses
The Crawling Chaos
The Curse of Yig
The Diary of Alonzo Typer
The Disinterment
The Electric Executioner
The Green Meadow
The Hoard of the Wizard Beast
The Horror at Martin's Beach
The Horror in the Burying-Ground
The Horror in the Museum
In the Walls of Eryx
The Last Test
The Man of Stone
Medusa’s Coil
The Mound
The Night Ocean
Out of the Aeons
Poetry and the Gods
The Slaying of the Monster
The Thing in the Moonlight
Through the Gates of the Silver Key
“Till A’ the Seas”
The Trap
The Tree on the Hill
Two Black Bottles
Under the Pyramids
Winged Death

Contest Letter: P

High Moor by Graeme Reynolds

High Moor by Graeme Reynolds
$2.99 or FREE for Prime Members

When John Simpson hears of a bizarre animal attack in his old home town of High Moor, it stirs memories of a long forgotten horror. John knows the truth. A werewolf stalks the town once more, and on the night of the next full moon, the killing will begin again. He should know. He survived a werewolf attack in 1986, during the worst year of his life.

It’s 1986 and the town is gripped in terror after the mutilated corpse of a young boy is found in the woods. When Sergeant Steven Wilkinson begins an investigation, with the help of a specialist hunter, he soon realizes that this is no ordinary animal attack. Werewolves are real, and the trail of bodies is just beginning, with young John and his friends smack in the middle of it.

Twenty years later, John returns to High Moor. The latest attack involved one of his childhood enemies, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. The consequences of his past actions, the reappearance of an old flame and a dying man who will either save or damn him, are the least of his problems. The night of the full moon is approaching and time is running out.

But how can he hope to stop a werewolf, when every full moon he transforms into a bloodthirsty monster himself?

Contest Letter: E

Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown

Bigfoot War by Eric S. Brown

Jeff Taylor was an ordinary boy growing up in the small town of Babble Creek, North Carolina, until one night his life was changed forever when a sasquatch brutally murdered his family.

Taylor fled the town, hoping to leave the painful memory behind.

Years later, after two tours of duty in the Iraq War, he's back in Babble Creek seeking vengeance.

Taylor's lust for the blood of the monster that slew his family sets in motion a series of events that soon has the entire town fighting for its life as a tribe of sasquatches descend from the forests and hills into Babble Creek to declare war upon its citizens.

Babble Creek is about to find out Bigfoot is very real and there's more than one of the creatures that want to fill the streets with blood.

Contest Letter: N

Area 187 - Almost Hell by Eric Lowther

Area 187 - Almost Hell by Eric Lowther

In the year 2007 an accident at a clandestine U.S. government facility in rural West Virginia releases several test subjects infected with a necrotic virus. Within weeks the U.S. military and the Department of Homeland Security are forced to declare the bulk of the state under quarantine. Defensive lines are fortified and nothing is allowed in or out, damning those missed in the short period of evacuations to a living hell and locking away the real truth of the virus’ creation. The government transfers the responsibility of maintaining the quarantine from the military to the Department of Homeland Security, which christens it “Area 187".

Contest Letter: A

The Spirit Clearing by Mark Tufo

The Spirit Clearing by Mark Tufo

After a horrific accident Mike wakes to find himself blind in one eye. He now sees things that others can't and nobody will listen to him.

That is until he meets Jandilyn Hollow. Will she be able to pull him out of the depths of his despair?
Can love transcend even death?

Contest Letter:  E

The Ghosts of Varner Creek by Michael Weems

The Ghosts of Varner Creek by Michael Weems

In the summer of 1909, in the small town of Varner Creek, Texas, twelve year old Solomon Mayfield awoke one morning to find his mother and sister had disappeared. Through a series of cover-ups and denials, some aimed at protecting Sol, others at hiding the worst of secrets, Sol lived the rest of his life in a fog of half-truths and shadowed lies, haunted by ghosts of the dead with whom he suddenly found himself sharing an inexplicable bond with that he could never fully understand. But when Sol passes away as an old man so many years later, the truth is waiting for him, as are the ghosts of his past.  Sol finally discovers what really happened that summer and it is a truth that will change everything he thought he knew about the life he lived and the people he thought he knew.  For as Sol is about to find out, even the dead have secrets.

Contest Letter:  S

Underneath: Short Tales of Horror and the Supernatural by Dan DeWitt

Underneath: Short Tales of Horror and the Supernatural by Dan DeWitt

Vengeance...desperation...murder-for-hire...horror in real-time...a healthy dose of zombies...spectrophobia...even a little bit of hope. They all come together in a place underneath the one we know. Ten tales of horror and the supernatural, plus a 17,000 word preview of the upcoming zombie thriller "Orpheus."

Contest Letter: P
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