Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to Find a Midwife and Doula by Petra Ortiz

How to Find a Midwife and Double by Petra Ortiz
$2.99 - 10/13/2012

The reason I wrote this book was because I wanted to provide a way for pregnant individuals (or couples) who are considering natural childbirth options, to be able locate a midwife and / or doula more easily, and know what to expect during the entire process (from the first interview to the postpartum stage) before actually embarking on that search. I also wanted to explain exactly what that support entails. Because they do in fact provide two different types of support for you (and your partner).

In short, I want you to be much more prepared than I was.

From the Introduction: In this book, you will learn what a Midwife is, and what a Doula is—and more importantly, what they can do for you, how they can support you, and how to locate either or both to discuss your pursuit of a natural childbirth. You are encouraged to locate and interview one or both, in your area after reading this work. You will learn what to expect from a Midwife or Doula during the prenatal, labor & delivery, and postpartum stages of your pregnancy, and receive heartfelt advice on your new ‘job’ as a parent. There is no doubt you will want to discuss where you would like to give birth [whether that be at your home, a hospital, or a birthing center (a medical center, but in a home-type setting), how to write your own birth plan, methods of pain relief, coping skills, nutrition needs and more. By interviewing, and gathering information from across the country [and UK] for this book, I hope that by the time you finish reading it, your top questions and concerns have been answered well, and that new ideas have manifested a feeling of empowerment in you. Natural childbirth is loosely defined as labor and childbirth without medical intervention, meaning, that no drugs are given to relieve pain, nor aid in the birth process. It is considered the safest method for the baby, and is based on the notion that women who are adequately prepared, are able (innately) to give birth to their child, in an unrestricted manner; they are usually assisted by a Midwife and / or Doula. In my opinion, this is the only way that one can become ‘adequately prepared’. A Birth Plan is usually created during your visit, which lists what your wishes are for your actual delivery experience. It is a written list of your preferences.

Nowadays, there are many more midwives and doulas to assist you. But if you have never called upon one for assistance, never had one help you deliver your baby, or provide pain relief options for you, or provide guidance and support for your partner-I hope that this book will help you make the decision to consider trying one or both. And I never ever want Dads to be left out so I have some special info for you in here too.

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