Friday, November 2, 2012

Cosmic Warriors by Carlos X Review

Cosmic Warriors by Carlos X
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As children we are encouraged to dream, even if our parents feel that those dreams will never come true. But, what if you could latch on to your dreams and make them a reality? What if all it took was being brave enough to venture forward? Enter a young boy who hates school and the brutal Chicago winters and a beautiful princess from a far away place who captures his heart. He'll stop at nothing to be with her, even if it means leaving his world behind.

I found Cosmic Warriors by Carlos X to be an enjoyable read. I liked how the book was written in a way that it matched the age of the character. It gave me the old school feeling of Jean Shepherd, yet it had a modern feel as well. It was hard to put a finger on whether or not the story takes place now or several years in the past. The combination of genres was also quite appealing. I like how the author mixed fantasy with sci-fi and romance to create a unique book that would appeal to many readers.

If you enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, and romance, give Cosmic Warriors a try. It's a book that's got something for everyone and is perfect for a cold winter's night.

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