Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wendy Gets a Life by Allan Lloyd - FREEBIE

Wendy Gets a Life by Allan Lloyd 
FREE - 12/11/2012

Um, gee, I'm not sure what to put here as a book description, because the whole damn thing wound up as a shambles.
So I've asked my shrink, Dr Ruth, to write the following from her secret notes about me:

Allan Lloyd is a patient of mine who believes that what started out as 'the kind of financial thriller John Grisham would've recognized as a knock-off of one of his books' somehow got out of his control when one of his main characters, Wendy, refused to say or do what he wanted her to, and walked out of his original story to 'get a life'. He also appears to believe that he was then forced to follow her, using every writing trick in the book to try to get her back on track. Did it work? Professional doctor/patient confidentiality precludes my commenting on that.

What I will say, however, is that 'Wendy Gets A Life' is highly original, hilariously funny (whether intentionally or not), and the perfect novella length for Kindle reading.

I hope you'll buy it. You'll enjoy it immensely, and I might have some chance of at least part of Allan's outstanding account being paid before I dump him as a patient.

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