Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bryan Fiese's No Teacher Left Behind, 2nd Edition

Bryan Fiese's No Teacher Left Behind, 2nd Edition
$14.99 (Not Kindle, Paperback)

Not a Kindle book, but definitely worth checking out.

The script has flipped. With such highly active, independent, impatient, creative, intelligent and demanding minds filling today's classroom s, it is now the teachers who are, in a sense, at risk of being left in the academic dust. Gone are the days when teachers could educate and command respect by ruling with an iron fist. "Motivation via intimidation" no longer works. With Generation Next, we have reached the Age of empowerment. These individuals seek coaches and mentors, not autocrats. Thus, educators who continue to cling tightly to traditional teaching tactics, theories and philosophies will fail.

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