Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dreams of Life by Ron Miles

Dreams of Life by Ron Miles
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While Steve Macks sails alone across Lake Michigan battered by wind and waves, Dreams of Life moves back and forth in time. Beginning with his father’s mysterious suicide in a cold Iowa barn, Steve perseveres through the painful experiences of his youth with charm, humor, and a fa├žade of confidence. These traits gain him success as a man, but a man who feels undeserving of love. Just when he finally overcomes this, Steve’s past seems to repeat. He descends into a despair that he hides from everyone and intentionally sets sail alone into a storm, not caring if he perishes. Steve survives his perilous voyage to find the prophetic power of dreams offering a path to restore his vibrant spirit. But to take this path, he must trust a woman he rejected thirteen years ago because he felt unworthy of her, and follow psychic guidance he doubts, as the way to uncover his buried memories and the dark secrets behind the untimely deaths in his family.

About the Author:

Born and raised in Iowa, Ron A. Miles graduated from the University of Iowa and then worked at IBM for 19 years. Nine of those years were spent in Madison, Wisconsin, during which time he co-owned a sailboat on Lake Michigan. After moving to California he had his own business before becoming an executive of a start-up company. Now semi-retired, he spends his time as a writer, EMT, school board member, and Rotarian, while living the good life on California’s North Coast. Visit Ron on-line at

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