Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Feminist Revenge by Linda Corby Review

Title: Feminist Revenge
Author: Linda Corby
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 188
Price: $7.10

Zaneen was good at what she did and who she did. Her assassinations were clean and her love-making was down and dirty, which she was both feared and coveted for her abilities. While she meets men that she has incredible sex with, she only dreams of the man she lost. Will she ever learn to love another or will she stay too busy in this action-filled novel?

Feminist Revenge is an action-based novel that women can enjoy. With a strong female lead and enjoyable sex scenes, this is an erotic novel that pleases both your sexual appetite as well as your need for a strong plot line. The only fault I found with this book is that it needs to be edited. Other than that, it's an enjoyable read.

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