Friday, March 29, 2013

Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters - FREE

Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters by M.K. MacDaniel
FREE - March 29th

An absolutely awesome book that I highly recommend. If you loved Harry Potter, you're going to love Nina Beana.

Nick-named Nina Beana, twelve-year-old Jalina B. Jons is about to have the worst day of her life. She's never lived a day away from her home, slept on the floor, eaten gruel, or questioned her survival until she and her brother Jake are told that their wealthy, treasure hunting parents are dead and they are sent to a notorious, workhouse orphanage...Owenroake. Chased by gigantic spiders under Timbroke Hall, threatened by bullies, and snubbed by the Synderputt snobs, Nina plots to escape. Little does she know that her life is about to change forever because Owenroake is no ordinary orphanage. Magic, enchanted kingdoms surround Owenroake and the orphans discover a new world of hope, friends and powers. But as the magical barrier is illegally breached, weird things begin to happen and orphans disappear. Nina organizes a rescue team and embarks on a journey that leads to the brink of disaster. Thwarted by a villainous sorcerer who dispatches an evil entourage of gnarly ghouls, vampire bats, elves, and fairies, the orphans fight for their lives and to bring home a massive treasure. Along with her heroic friends, a salty pirate, and a dog named Bartie, Jalina B. Jons desperately tries to save all she holds dear. A great destiny awaits her, if she has the courage to use all of her resources to unleash an ancient secret power...

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