Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sisters of the Seventh Planet by Teri Hoskins

Sisters of the Seventh Planet by Teri Hoskins

About the Book

Shriya and Gwenneth are sisters from an ancient civilization that
has practiced the sacred work of healing and other mystical abilities
for many generations. They live deep in the woods, where they are
free to practice their abilities without the priest being aware.
As a member of the sacred work, Shriya is given a focus wand on
her thirteenth birthday. The wand is a tool to help her maintain
a stream of concentration to develop her inner sight. The priest
believes the wands are magic. He doesn’t understand it’s the power
of the divine that lives in each person that empowers the wand.
Because of the priest’s fears, the wands are outlawed and punishable
by death.

On her sixteen birthday, Shriya is given a crystal ball so she can
see into the future. Gwenneth also surprises her with an arranged
marriage. Gwenneth is insistent that the bloodlines remain pure, so
the sacred work can continue for the good of mankind. Shriya is in
love with Parkin, who is a tribesman and not a man of the sacred
work. As Shriya looks into her crystal ball for guidance about the
future, she is torn between following what her sister believes to be
her soul’s destiny and marrying the man of her dreams.

About the Author

Teri has been attending a spiritual school called Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (RSE) since 1987, where she studies quantum physics, neuroscience, and ancient wisdom. RSE is a school where the students are provided the opportunity to put the sciences and wisdom into practice, so they can experience the remarkable firsthand. Teri lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she is surrounded by the bounty of nature. She enjoys being outside for any reason and loves to sit on her porch and read.

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