Monday, March 11, 2013

The Night Horses by Anaka Jones Review

Title: The Night Horses
Author: Anaka Jones
Genre: Children
Pages: 28
Price: $11.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Facebook Link: The Night Horses

While this book isn't available for the Kindle, I wanted to share it with those that have children. The Night Horses by Anaka Jones is a delightful tale about how horses are mild-mannered during the day, but like to party down at night. This book would be an excellent addition to the bookshelf for those with children under the age of six. Not only is it a fun story, but the artwork is beautiful. Each page is beautifully designed with full-page graphics that children are sure to find fascinating as they follow along with the story.

This is a book I would have loved as a child and I feel that many other children will enjoy it as well. If your child has a love of horses, this book will become a favorite that you'll find yourself reading to the child several times a week.

Another thing I enjoyed about this book is that the wording is simple enough that it's a great book for those teaching their children how to read. None of the words are too large or too complicated for children to pronounce or understand.

If you want to enjoy the last few days of winter with your children, this is a great book for the family to gather around and take turns reading.

About the Author

Currently attending the sixth grade at school, Anaka Jones lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her family, two dogs (Kona and Bella), a lizard and a frog. Anaka hopes to be a Marine Biologist/Veterinarian one day. She loves swimming, learning to scuba dive, playing soccer and reading books. Her favourite animals include dolphins and whales. She also loves sharks!


  1. Kindle version is in the works, should be done in less than 10 days we are told...Anaka

    1. Good to know. My followers will be happy to hear that.


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