Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Need to Stop Drinking! by Liz Hemingway Book Trailer

I Need to Stop Drinking! by Liz Hemingway
$2.99 or FREE for Prime Members

Are you sick to death of what drinking is doing to you? Are you fed up of the horrible hangovers and that sickening feeling when you remember what you did the night before?
Have you tried to stop but never managed?

Liz Hemingway writes from the heart and with brutal honesty. She has experienced first-hand the devastation that alcohol can have on you. It takes over your mind and soul and takes everything it can from you, including your self- respect. Married,with three grown up daughters, Liz shares her escape from alcohol plan that has worked for her in the hope that it will help you to live the life that you always wanted for yourself and for the people that you love. Liz wants everyone who is being torn apart by alcohol to know that it is possible to finally escape from it and experience the joy and freedom for themselves.

Do yourself a favour and read this book and act on it!
Your life will change in so many ways for the better!
Your friends and family will be amazed.
You will save an absolute fortune.
Losing weight will be so much easier!
Find out how Liz managed to escape and is enjoying life so much more!

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