Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Just Add Heat (Fire & Ice) by Genevieve Jourdin

Just Add Heat (Fire & Ice) by Genevieve Jourdin
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Take one part slightly insecure woman and add one part confidently sexy man.  Mix well. Pour out the memories of the past two years and what do you have?  A recipe for disaster.

Justine is a boyfriend-less chef; at least, that's the last thing she remembers. After a fall wiped the memories of the last two years of her life, she's struggling to absorb her new circumstances. Apparently, she's the racy star of her own web-based cooking show and has become involved with a sexy younger man. Why would amnesia strike when her whole life has had such a major upgrade?

Carter is living the life he's always dreamed of, a life with Justine, and he refuses to let a bump on the head derail his plans for a Happily Ever After. He'll do whatever it takes to remind her that they are the perfect couple, but how do you make the woman you love remember that she loves you?

Luckily for the both of them, her recollections are tied up with her hormones, and they have all the ingredients they need for a happy life.

No recipe required:: Just Add Heat
Also included is a bonus read: A Peek Into the Mind of Carter Ross, a sampling of scenes from the mind of the hero. His story is told in Baby, It's Cold Outside (Romance From a Male POV) Fire & Ice Book 2.

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