Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Strangely Sober by Essa Alroc

Strangely Sober by Essa Alroc
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When Angelica Salvatori, AKA Sal, originally got her diagnosis, she decided to accept it and adapt. Nearly four years later, she’s learned to live with being a paranoid schizophrenic. So maybe she still occasionally takes advice from a Gary Busey hallucination. At least her career is booming. Of course, being a criminal mastermind in a city like Miami is easy for a genius…even a delusional one.

Between running cons with her mismatched family, trying to burn down her bar, and dealing with her occasional breaks with reality, Sal has enough on her plate. Then fate decides to toss a long lost twin into the mix, along with a mysterious man who wants to abduct them both. Did one of Sal’s jobs go bad? Sal doesn’t know, but she’s intent on finding out. So she does what any good delusional sociopath would do; she packs her suitcase for a cross country crime spree, ready to confront her adversary.

Unfortunately for Sal, her well-meaning sister hires Cole Warner, a private security consultant, to track her down and protect her. Cole is determined to do his job; no matter how many times Sal drugs him or steals his car. He is soon dragged into trailer park shootouts and meetings with drug cartel as Sal jumps from state to state, obsessed with solving the mystery.

Sal and Cole find themselves drawn into the illicit underworld of human trafficking, where they begin to unravel the secrets of Sal’s past. With the help of Sal's diverse family, a suitcase full of explosives, and a recurring Gary Busey hallucination, the two embark on a journey to defeat a man who may be as dangerous to Sal as she is to herself.

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