Tuesday, May 21, 2013

An Experiment with Werewolves by K Matthew - FREEBIE

An Experiment with Werewolves by K Matthew
FREE - 5/21/2013

It's been almost three years since Taya Raveen first set foot in the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation. After being unwillingly turned into a werewolf and then forced to leave the pack to live as a lone wolf, all hope of a cure for the werewolf condition quickly faded away.

Life was hard but manageable. With the true alpha by her side, Taya learned to live off the land and love a man who had once taken her against her will.

But when she receives a letter announcing that the werewolves are being freed, Taya's world quickly turns upside down. Tough decisions have to be made that could separate her from her lover forever.

Word length: 9,688 words (approximately 30 pages long) a novelette

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