Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blood, Justice, LLP: Vampires at Law by Juno Ross - FREEBIE

Blood, Justice, LLP: Vampires at Law by Juno Ross
FREE - 5/25/2013

This comic vampire romance, centered around a young woman, has elements of legal and political thrillers. Its suspense-filled story of a star-crossed love duo should engage any romantic. Those who like stories of lovers on the run that tickle the funny bone—like readers of Charlaine Harris (Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood) or the humorous novels of Janet Evanovich and Carl Hiassen—should enjoy this book.

Candace Stokes, blue-collar Baltimore, is broke and jobless. When things get even bleaker, she meets Julian Michaels. The high-ranking partner hires her at his large, D.C. law firm before she can say genie. Now she can complete law school. Still Candace worries. He probably has ideas about how she should pay off her debt to him.

But seeing him walk the firm’s hallways, a handsome, magnetic dream, Candace starts to wish he'd hurry up and collect, already. Despite her fears that all he could want from a Baltimoron like her is hot sex.

If only she knew he’s been waiting 2,062 years for her, his true mate. But Julian can hardly tell Candace just yet. (Though staying away from her is sooo hard with his raging supernatural hormones.) If their relationship were discovered, it could jeopardize her chances to make partner.

And here at Blood, Justice, if you don't make partner, you'll be dinner. Wind up on the menu for the board members’ annual feast. A group of ancient vampires, they just like to treat themselves now and then. Plotting for political power through their firm’s lobbying group is pretty hard work.

Like Candace, the other young attorneys just think the place is a little weird. Are clueless about the danger they’re in. Including Kenneth Hobgood, Candace's boss and eventual BFF. But thanks to the unwanted personal attentions of his mentor, Max Little—board member, head lobbyist, and Julian's nemesis—Kenneth is about to get wise to the situation. Both he and Julian do their best to protect Candace. But when Max schemes against Julian, Candace is caught in the crossfire. They’re both accused of crimes that reach to Congress and the FBI.

Already barnstorming for clients, Candace burns to be a successful attorney. To overcome her secret and painful past, which now threatens to be exposed. When all hell breaks loose, tearing her apart from Julian, she’ll truly have to make it on her own.

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