Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In-expressibility by Victoria Cilley Xue Ying

In-expressibility: A Fairytale for Children of the Cosmo by Victoria Cilley Xue Ying

A girl meets a brilliant creature as she wanders the streets one night. The creature claims that she recognizes the girl. During the girl’s interactions with the creature and the creature’s fellow gynocentric revolutionaries who claim to be immortal visionary artists, she is colonized by their cause and assumes the identity of their new revolutionary leader without knowing what it entails. At many instances, her vision and ‘reality’ no longer remain seamlessly interwoven, these ruptures eventually make her consciously realize that she may have been one of their many experiments: her vision had been a projection of a ‘model consciousness’ transposed upon her past. This sparks an internal confl ict about what it means to be a voluntary participant of a movement...

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