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Welcome to my PANIC ATTACKS by Adam K. Elliot

Welcome to my PANIC ATTACKS: My Struggle To Win Against Physical and Psychological Hell by Adam K. Elliot
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Welcome to My Panic Attacks: My Struggle to Win Against Physical and Psychological Hell (And Other Really Bad Dysfunctional Things!) A Memoir 
      IF you suffer from panic attacks, or if you care about someone who suffers from them, you need to read this book.  Panic attacks can destroy one's life.  I know, because it destroyed mine for many years.  My life was a succession of doctors, both competent and incompetent. The incompetent ones didn't recognize that my panic attacks were real and not just a figment of my imagination or an extreme form of hypochondria. 
    THE challenge is that not many people know about panic attacks!  Add to the mix a dysfunctional family, a crazy boss, a vengeful ex-wife, a tumor in the head, and a litany of drugs, and you'll have an idea of the journey you'll be taking with me as you read about my struggles.  But the good news is that there is life and light at the end of the tunnel. 
    IN my new memoir, you will experience my pain, but you will come to know that laughter and happiness can arise from the depths of misery.  More importantly, it is my hope that the story I tell within the pages of this book will be a clarion call to doctors throughout the world that they need to listen to their patients, that panic attacks are real, and that they can destroy lives.  It only takes one wise doctor with an open mind to end one person's nightmare of having to live with the daily specter of panic attacks; the terror that is ready to pounce unannounced and when least expected. 
    IT is my sincerest wish that my personal story will bring peace to those whose lives have become a cycle of fear and depression.  My treatment for panic attacks were challenging to endure, but I hope that I have shared my story in a way that not only helps my fellow sufferers relate, but loved ones as well.  You don't need to suffer needlessly year after year as I did.   
    THERE are doctors and medications that can and will end the destructive power of panic attacks. It happened for me, and it will happen for you. In this book you will discover how I learned to deal with my panic. You will learn about the different panic attack treatment protocols given to me by the many doctors who simply did not understand what was going on inside of me.  It is my hope that this book will help other men who have lost parts of their life because of the scourge of panic attacks! 
Chapters:    1. "Oh My God; I'm Having a Stroke 
                  2. My Dad Didn't Kill Kennedy a/k/a Bear with While I Digress 
                  3. "This Gentleman has Enjoyed Basically Good Health" 
                  4. Kinky-Haired Jew Boy 
                  5. "Do I love Her!? I Don't Even Think I Like Her!!
                  6. The Tale of the Bad Seed 
                  7. A Breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Xanax 
                  8. Inderal, Imipramine, T.M., and Baby Make Four 
                  9. Escape From the Insane Asylum 
                  10. Unrequited Love and the Demon in the Fifth Floor Condo 
                  11. My New House, My New Doctor, and My New Tumor 
                  12. Out of the Woodwork and into the Breach 
                  13. Cheating 101 (Never Do It In Front of Your Husband!) 
                  14. Panic Attacks vs. Orgasm: Livin' Life on Paxil 
                  15. "Oh My God! I've Got Man-Boobs!"

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