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Design a Garden Landscaping Series No. 1 by Peter Owen

Design a Garden. Landscaping Series No. 1 by Peter Owen
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"Design a Garden" is a book that is best described as an absolute essential part of the puzzle, if you are serious about creating a garden that is not only beautiful, but functional as well, then you will need to put all the elements together that make up a properly designed landscape. This book has been presented in a fashion that is vital to the overall success of your design.
Too many designs have only concentrated on the look of the landscape, and although they may create a picture of beauty, we all know there is more to a successful design than just the look. There is the very important functionality of your garden, making sure that everything is working well like the drainage plan for example.
The Landscaping of any garden is split up into Hardscape aspect and the Softscape, simply put the building and the planting, both are discussed in detail and their importance. Outlining the procedure of what takes precedence with your plan and what you need to do. 
What is covered in the first eight chapters.

These first chapters discuss the general knowledge and behind the scenes of any successful Garden Plan, we look at the many issues that are often not often considered by many people when they want to design their own garden, but nevertheless, these aspects are very important and must never be left from giving them due diligence and consideration when designing any part of your garden. For example :
  • The necessity of a drainage plan.
  • What to expect from your local authorities.
  • The climate, shade or direct sunlight.
  • Groups of plants.
  • Designing a garden with a growing family in mind.
We discuss some of the more popular Landscape Themes.
When designing a garden we generally work with what we call Landscape Themes, many of these themes are described and featured in this book as well as explaining how they are to be incorporated into your Landscape plan, as well as blending them together to obtain the best result. Some themes will be essential for you and others will just be a matter of desire, whatever the reason for incorporating them into your design, they make for a part of what completes the picture of your garden. Some of the Landscape themes that are covered in the following chapters of the book, are as follows :
  • Water Features.
  • Entertainment Areas.
  • Retaining Walls.
  • Garden Edging.
  • Steps.
  • Fences.
  • The use of Rocks.
  • And more.
The subjects of landscape design in this book, will inform you of the basics of all that you desperately need, so you will with confidence be able to put a plan together, whether it's a plan for your own garden or for someone else, it's essential that all these elements are considered in your design.
Finally to the success on creating your Garden Masterpiece.
The end result of your garden design must function not just in the practical sense, but as a group of features blending together as an extension of your home. More and more people are moving to the outside now when entertaining friends, so when created properly, it will stand out as your very own masterpiece. A creation that you can be proud of and the chapters in this book can certainly help you get there.

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