Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fairylicious by Tiffany Nicole Smith Excerpt

Fairylicious (Fairylicious Book 1) by Tiffany Nicole Smith
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Bex Carter meant well. She always means well. Somehow she keeps getting her best friends Chirpy, Lily-Rose, and Marishca into trouble. Bex wants to find a way to make it up to them. When she wishes for fairies on her twelfth birthday, Bex has no idea what she's in for. The good news- her wish is granted. The bad news- these are not your ordinary fairies. These fairies have major issues.

One fairy is missing a wing. One is allergic to pixie dust. One fairy gets airsick and another has mismatched wings. On top of that, every wish they grant for Bex and her friends ends up being a disaster.

Aside from that, life is no picnic for Bex. Ms. Warbler and Aunt Jeanie (also known as Aunt Meanie) seem to hate her. Her father is in prison for embezzlement and her mother has taken off to God only knows where. Aunt Jeanie is forcing Bex to become friends with Ava G., the meanest girl in school. Bex is the biggest kid in the sixth grade and the other kids won't let her forget it. On top of all that, the school is threatening to shut down most of the school's talent programs to do budget cuts.

With all these problems, the last thing Bex needs is fairies causing more trouble. Unfortunately, these fairies have a secret of their own. Ages 8 and up.


"Shhh . . . You've woken her up with your sneezing," I heard a soft voice whisper. It wasn't my sister.
            "I can't help it. You're all covered in dust."
            "Oh, this pillow is wet. That means a little girl has been crying herself to sleep. That should never happen," said someone else.
            My body stiffened. People were in our house, in my room. I told myself that on the count of ten I would flick on the lamp on the nightstand. When I got to ten I sat up and reached for the light in one quick motion. Then I turned to see who the intruders were.
            "Ahhhh!" I screamed.
            "Ahhhh!" they screamed back. They were four tiny women standing on my extra pillow. They were about as tall as pencils, with wings and wands.
            I stared at them for a few seconds and they stared back at me.
            "You're fairies," I said.
            "Yes, of course," said the pink one. I mean entirely pink. She had on something that resembled a ballerina's outfit and pink roses were nestled into her pink hair. Even her skin was pink. She was extremely skinny.
            "I did it. I made a wish and it came true!"

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