Thursday, June 27, 2013

Inside Out by Truman Pedersen - FREEBIE!

Inside Out by Truman Pedersen
FREE - 6/27/2013

Detective Sergeant Chris Gunning, Special Branch, has never been an underdog in either his military or police career. D.I. Hicks, who views the world as an eye for an eye, sets out to break a paedophile ring in Penning District. Using Gunning, Hicks seizes the opportunity to settle an old vendetta against Gunning at any cost. Gunning is challenged and pushed to his limits of paternal tolerance when immersed in an underworld that exists all around us. Ultimately, his world is turned inside out as he stands to lose everything.


The bright flash of light went off near the window.

Gunning saw it out of the corner of his eye. Thankfully Butts missed it as he was bending to remove his trainers, the girls giggling in the bathroom and Andy, Mike and the woman were all in the bedroom with another girl.

Outside, the culprit who let off his flash gun attached to his Nikon camera, was punched by the armed officer, knocked unconscious and dragged back by support officers. One eager journalist nearly fucked up the operation Hicks and Kindermann had planned maliciously, yet meticulously, from the beginning.

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