Friday, June 14, 2013

Jabuti's Quest by Heath Shedlake - Prime Freebie!

Jabuti's Quest by Heath Shedlake
$4.45 or FREE for Prime Members - 6/14/2013

In the year 1697, amongst the beauty and majesty of the Venezuelan rainforest, Jabuti stands gazing out across the mighty Orinoco river. He has lived in the forest all of his life as a member of the Piaroa tribe but nonetheless he feels like an outsider. Troubled and tormented by his thoughts he stares across the fast-flowing waters as if longing for escape from all his woes. Frustrated and upset by these long standing issues he seeks an audience with the all-knowing shaman to discuss his problems. He stands nervously outside his dwelling and enters a gloomy and smoky interior. Once inside the shaman tells him of a dark secret kept hidden from Jabuti since childhood. Jabuti is left feeling stunned and angry at his revelation, which shatters his world in a sudden and life-changing instant.
Spurred on by this dramatic turn of events he resolves to enter into the darkened heart of the forest where few warriors have ever ventured, undeterred by terrifying stories of blood-thirsty cannibals. Feeling torn between leaving or remaining in the arms of his new found love Maru, he makes the heart breaking decision to depart. They spend one last evening together, professing their love for each other, locked in a tender embrace by the comforting sounds of the riverbank.
He is accompanied on his journey by his two close friends, the jovial and enigmatic Wanadi and the loyal but nervous Mapi. Along the way they see first-hand the evil that men are capable of in their search for golden treasure. Will their friendship survive, will they reach their destination, will Jabuti find the solace and peace that he has desired for so long…?

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