Sunday, June 23, 2013

Laila A True Story by Mansoor Ali

Lalia A True Story by Mansoor Ali
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Emotional and child sexual abuse leave hidden scars that manifest in different ways:

When a girl enters a man’s life in a strip club, she insists on going out with him and a new set of complications start. It becomes rapidly clear that she is a peculiar girl who is withholding secrets from nearly all of the people she meets, one of them being the fact that her faith in humanity was shattered by childhood abuse. As he sinks his remaining funds into her, he unwittingly puts himself on a path to harm. When he finally comes close to unravelling the secrets, he discovers at its centre something darker and more sinister than any nightmare he’s ever known: a family devoted to practising the occult.

It’s a true story of friendship and loss, betrayal and revenge, and how understanding and compassion heal wounds. It’s about a man’s journey from victim to surviving and thriving. Loss is a part of life, and when we listen to the stories of others we too are given the gift of hope. The aim for this book is healing the hurts in one’s life, and also about reconnecting with our higher self that lies within us.

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