Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tall, Dork and Handsome by Remy Richard - FREEBIE

Tall, Dork and Handsome
FREE - 6/6/2013

Holden Reed is a dork into computers, gadgets, and Star Trek.

Sabrina Kelly is a con artist into jewelry, pop art (preferably quickly moveable) and a clean getaway.

But when they both get into trouble, Sabrina can’t help but notice that her new partner in crime is Tall, Dork, and Handsome.

Holden is working on the biggest coding problem of his life, and that’s saying something for a man who’s been coding since he was ten years old. The problem is all of these distractions: threats against his sister’s life, break-ins, and the sexiest, most contrary con artist imaginable. How is a guy supposed to keep his mind on math when there’s a man-eater in the room?

Sabrina is just minding her own business, breaking into Holden’s home, when his head of security catches her in the act. She barters information about her accomplices (who are working on much more dangerous schemes than she is comfortable with) for her freedom. But after a few days with Holden, his sister and friends, she’s not sure that she wants her freedom anymore. What she may want…is a dork of her very own.

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